Serenity Lost, by Amy Romine

Serenity Lost, by Amy Romine book coverGenre: Thriller/Suspense
Publisher: eXtasybooks
Published: 2010
Reviewer Rating: five stars
Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Serenity Lost, by Amy Romine, may be labeled a Romantic Suspense novel or perhaps even a Crime Drama, but in many ways it’s also only a few notches below a full blown horror story. The author weaves all of these aspects together and plunges strong characters into a spiral of evil fueled chaos that threatens to add Rebbeca’s life to the growing list of woman slain by a horrid, yet inventive, serial killer.

Eric is a homicide detective who meets the girl of his dreams, but despite the most wonderful night either of them had ever experienced, they choose to remain anonymous to each other. Over the next few weeks, he cannot get the mysterious encounter out of his mind.

Rebecca is beautiful and strong-willed woman pursuing her career. What started as her being sent flowers from a secret admirer soon became her discovering entrails within a giant teddy bear she received. Charlie, a man she had just started to date, becomes concerned and called for his brother’s, a detective, aid. Both Eric and Rebecca are stunned when they each see the person they cannot stop thinking about after their intense night of passion.

But things are not so easy. The one-night stand remains secret. Charlie is Eric’s brother and he is falling in love with Rebecca. Rebecca also has a sister living within an inpatient unit due to her drug addiction who is being plagued by an insane serial killer. The horror brought on by this madman only increases as Eric juggles his desire to keep her safe and never leave her side, with Rebecca’s independence and her relationship to her brother.

Rebecca also has a burning need for Eric, but is concerned over Charlie’s tender care for her during her escalating crisis.

This book is a very well written page turner. At once the characters come on strong as does the menace of the increasing insane serial killer. The suspense leaves one wanting to see how this will end. I should also mention that Rebecca and Eric’s initial encounter is very intense. This is a book of romance and danger, but has its share of powerful eroticism as well.

Not many weak points here and I gave it a great score. However, if romance is only a side note in the stories you like to read, this might not be the best book for you because Romine balances action and suspense with Rebecca’s and Eric’s growing need and feelings for each other and it is an important part of the novel.

Romine hit the mark with this one and Serenity Lost becomes a case study for the genre. She took the ‘sickhouse’ aspect of the evil character and brought it in toward horror while keeping the more modern action/drama feel. The relationship as the rest of the story is believable even if often terrifying. I would love to get a chance to read more of her fiction.

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