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SFReader is pleased to offer reviews on any book, anthology or magazine that has a speculative element (all flavors of science fiction, fantasy, and horror). We don’t review other genres (such as mystery, western, romance, etc.) unless the speculative element is integral to the story.

If you’re an author or publisher of a speculative fiction novel or the editor of an anthology or magazine and would like SFReader to review your book or magazine, you have two options:

If you want your book to be reviewed send one (1) copy of the book to:

Attn: SFReader Webmaster
David L. Felts
14022 Noble Park Drive
Odessa, FL

Do not send two copies!

If you send the book to me, I’ll review it. If you send the book to Mike, either he will review it or he will make the book available to SFReader’s volunteer reviewers. Posting time could be as short as a few days, as long as a few months, or never, as it is possible no one will volunteer to review your book (see special notes below).

NOTE 1: When Will My Book Get Reviewed?
SFReader makes no guarantee that your book will be reviewed. It’s entirely possible that no one will want to read it, no one volunteers, no one is available…. etc. If you would like your book returned, enclose return postage and return instructions. i.e.: “If you are unable to find a reviewer for my book XXXXX after XX days/week/months, please return it. I’ve enclosed postage/SASE, etc….”

Keep in mind that some SFReader reviewers live on other continents. Shipping time to these reviewers can take 6-8 weeks alone. If one of these reviewers volunteers for your book, it will probably be a MINIMUM of 12 weeks before your review appears. More on self-published books and alternative media below in #2….

NOTE 2: What About eBooks, Self-Published Books, or Other Formats?
SFreader will accept print-on-demand (POD), e-books, books published on CD-ROM, chapbooks, and books most other review sites won’t. Be forewarned, however, the vast majority of reviewers don’t want to read a self-published book, nor do they want to read a book on their computer screen, nor off a bad photocopy, nor do they want to take their time, effort and resources to print out an e-book so they can read a hard-copy. Most reviewers seem to prefer a good, old-fashioned paper book vetted by a publisher.

If you decide to send your self-published book, or your e-book either as a file or on CD-ROM or for teh Kindle or Nook, we’ll see if anyone is interested in reading and reviewing it. Past experience has shown that your chances of getting a review are slim. So if you want to send your self-published book or e-book, feel free, but do so with the realization that it probably won’t get reviewed.

This is not a bias against such types of publications, it is simply the reality of what people want to read. If you so request, and if you enclosed return postage, we’ll send your book (or disc, or printed pages) back if we’re unable to get someone to review it. Please provide specific return instructions if that is the case.

NOTE 3: What About Kindle?
If you have a Kindle book for review, please query. We’ll make sure our reviewers are aware of your desire for a review. if anyone volunteers, we’ll send you the reviewer info and you can gift it to them through Amazon.

NOTE 4: I Got a Bad Review and I’m Mad!
SFReader is a book review site, not a book promotion/marketing or critique site. If you want to advertise your book on SFReader, see Advertise on SFReader.

If you send a book for review, your SFReader reviewer is going to write a review that represents his/her opinion of your book. It’s very possible that your reviewer might not enjoy your book and your book could get an unfavorable review. If you’re not prepared for or are unwilling to accept/chance an unfavorable review, DON’T SEND YOUR BOOK.

Let me repeat that: It’s very possible that your book might get an unfavorable review. If you’re not prepared for or are unwilling to accept/chance an unfavorable review, DON’T SEND YOUR BOOK.

Ultimately, a book review on SFReader is no more than one reader’s opinion, but keep in mind that such an opinion might not be favorable, might not be one you agree with, and might not match your mother’s, brother’s, father’s, uncle’s, or best friend’s glowing praise.

Once more for those of you who missed it: It’s very possible that your book might get an unfavorable review. If you’re not prepared for or are unwilling to accept/chance an unfavorable review, DON’T SEND YOUR BOOK.

NOTE 4: Fair Use
By submitting your book for review, you grant rights to any and all reviewers to quote passages/sections from your book for the purpose of review.

NOTE 5: My Book Never Got Reviewed
Because of the volume of books SFReader receives, we’re unable to keep them indefinitely as they wait for some friendly reviewer to volunteer to review them. If SFReader:

  • has had your book for one year AND
  • no one has volunteered to review it AND
  • you have not requested its return and provided return postage

Your book will be donated to a library.


Dave and Mike