Sean Crastien

Sean Crastien is an author, artist, and aspiring martial arts instructor from California. His books include the Clear as Mud series, The Fire Phoenix, and the M.R. series. These fantasy books are filled with action, adventure, and war. Check out his website for more information on the books, and the M.R. website for a closer look at his most recent project!

M.R. is a book series and web series written, drawn, and edited by Sean Crastien. It can be found on Amazon and YouTube

Ayl Dattem is just a simple rancher from the desert, until a battle suddenly takes place before him. He’s then forced to become an assassin of Dugle. Ro-nael Gatin, Deputy Assassin, must train this reluctant recruit quickly, for the country of Rupqer is growing more intrusive. Accompanied by other assassins, Ro and Ayl engage in many missions to push the invaders from Dugle. However, even with the numerous journeys they take, these assassins are no closer to finding out who exactly is behind the constant attacks. The only thing they know about their enemy is his name: MR.