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Paradox Resolution, by K. A. Bedford
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press Inc
Published: 2013
Review Posted: 11/18/2014
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

Paradox Resolution, by K. A. Bedford

Book Review by Joshua Dybis

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"Spider" Webb is at it again, a makeshift "hero" trying to right what others have done wrong. For those unaware he does have past experience, being a police officer at on point but certain events led him to repairing time machines for a living. He looks like a normal guy on the outside but no one could know that he has in fact been to the end of time and back. After quitting the police force "Spider" decided to learn the art of time machine repair. He just tries to make a living so why does life have to be so hard? Not only is the repair business what it used to be but "Spider" still wishes to win back his ex-wife. Life can be so difficult sometimes. Now that he's been working a while he seems to be doing fine, until that is he finds the head of an old friend in the work fridge, and from there his life seems to go more and more south. His ex goes missing, he loses his job, and the boss he had at said job requests of him a major task...find his missing son that took his highly illegal, modified time machine. What can "Spider" do but help in these circumstances, especially since answers to one problem can solve the other.

Seeing as I prefer sci-fi to most other genres my opinions may be biased but one generally knows a good book when they read them. First of all the whole time machine thing is always fascinating. Many people will recall H.G. Wells' book The Time Machine as their first account of the object, a big machine capable of taking someone into the future or past. In Paradox Resolution however, time machines are a common occurrence and almost everyone can own one if they have the money. There are also special rules that people must follow when using time travel and even a division of the police that specialize in "time crime." While the concepts are great you really get a feel for the characters as well. You will understand "Spider" and feel as he struggles through all the challenges he faces. You'll come to understand the hate he has for his old boss, the tension between him and his friend on the force, and how much he still loves his ex. You get to feel the strong emotions of each character when they interact with "Spider" and his emotions when interacting with them.

If you enjoy sci-fi, if you like time travel, if you like deep connections characters can make on each other and you then Paradox Resolution is a book for you. While not the typical hero, "Spider" has the quality that anyone can connect to. Being a average person and getting into all sorts of less than desirable situations happens to everyone so it's easy to relate to "Spider." Not only that but the plot twists at every turn, cliffhangers, and unexpected surprises leave you craving for more. This is a definite must read and I highly recommend it as it can appeal to just about anyone.
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