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Bigfoot War, by Eric S. Brown
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment
Published: 2010
Review Posted: 6/27/2013
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: Not Rated

Bigfoot War, by Eric S. Brown

Book Review by G. A. Bixler

Have you read this book?

Eric S. Brown, according to his bio, has been called "The King of the Zombies;" however, since I had never read any of his work before, I would have to think that he might also now become King of the Bigfoot!

Bigfoot War is not for those who cannot appreciate a great slasher or splatter book or movie. So, you are now warned...

The Prologue sets the stage for the entire novel. Jeff, Scott and their father are out hunting what they think is probably a grizzly which has killed one of their cows. Soon Jeff is hiding in a closet, both his father and Scott dead.

Nobody will believe Jeff's story that a bear had not been the killer...

Fifteen years later, Jeff Taylor returns to Babble Creek, North Carolina. He is there for only one reason--to kill the monster that had murdered his family!

But it was only coincidental that Jeff had returned at this particular time. For the sheriff had already been contacted by a lady who constantly complained about UFOs in her area. This time, however, upon investigating a man was found leaning on his truck horn, the driver's door had been pulled off, the driver's head crushed--but not because of an accident!

The humans in this book really are unimportant--the Bigfoot are the main characters and when Jeff starting hunting for the Bigfoot he knew was in the woods there, and then the Sheriff and her crew started hunting what they thought had to be a bear that had murdered the man in the truck, they all came together.

And they found that the monster they finally killed was indeed a Bigfoot.

What they didn't know was that the one killed was special, perhaps a leader of the family.

The Bigfoot family, that is... And now they were all on their way to the little town of Babble Creek, killing everyone in their path. And nothing was stopping them.

It could only be called a War!

So, here I am, living in a log cabin amidst my woods, and I've started to read from the beginning Introduction from the Author. "As a child, the one monster who haunted my nightmares the most was Bigfoot. I will never forget a book I read in kindergarten about a lone man trapped inside a mountain cabin..." Yikes! Then he says, "I set out to write a book that was not only frightening and fun, but also to give fans like me a tale that finally brought an entire tribe of Sasquatches into play, and showed what such a pack of creatures could do if they entered the world of man."

I wouldn't want a steady diet of slasher/splatter books. You better believe I only read Bigfoot War by Eric S. Brown during the daylight hours and as far as I'm aware, the only monsters in my woods are 'possum, coons and deer! My Bigfoot must be the friendly kind! But if you want to be frightened by the possibilities, and, yes, have a little fun imaging the potential, I highly recommend Bigfoot War!
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