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The Wave, by Walter Mosley
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Published: 2006
Review Posted: 9/21/2006
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: 4 out of 10

The Wave, by Walter Mosley

Book Review by Steven Sawicki

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Errol Porter starts getting strange phone calls, at first just sounds but eventually by someone who calls him by name and says that he's Porter's father. The problem is that Porter's father has been dead for some time. And yet the caller knows things about Porter that only his father would know.

Porter, down on his luck, in the throes of a divorce and living in the garage of his former home, decides to investigate and ends up getting himself into a world of trouble. He finds a young man, naked, in the cemetery, near his father's grave and ends up taking him home. Porter decides that his father must have had two families as this is the only way this young man could know the things about Porter that he knows.

When Porter brings the young man to meet his mother, family secrets come out and Porter is forced to realize that his father has indeed come back. This is where the government gets involved and Porter is abducted by a secret force and taken to a secret location where he learns secret things about an organism that has come from space and taken hundreds of thousands of years to come to light.

Walter Mosley is able to write about the strangest things because he is able to write so well. What would be just plain silly in the hands of a lesser writer is believable and engaging in Mosley's hands. The story is delicate and human at the same time as we follow Porter's journey from fear to disbelief to belief to fear and finally to realization and fulfillment. It's an epic journey done in a few pages and done brilliantly.

This is a great book that I read in a single sitting and I don't do that much nowadays. The writing is done is a simple, straightforward manner and the plot and characters are engaging in dynamic way. This is a fun book that will also make you think and has no few surprises in store as you move from page to page. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.
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