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Westlake Soul, by Rio Youers
Genre: Modern/Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Chizine Publications
Published: 2012
Review Posted: 4/15/2014
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

Westlake Soul, by Rio Youers

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

Have you read this book?

Westlake Soul, by Rio Youers is a powerful book and not for the timid. Westlake is an overachieving adventurous soul until a surfing accident leaves him brain damaged to the point where everyone thinks he is a mindless shell. His mind and soul are however far from dead. Instead he has gained super powers. He can travel anywhere in the world and may be the smartest man alive. The problem remains that he still can not move or escape from his body's coma-like state.

Like all good superheroes, he had a nemesis, Dr Quietus. Quietus is the Grim Reaper that has come calling on the life that he feels he is owed and Westlake must do battle with him often.

Although Westlake has many powers in other respects he remains helpless, unable to move or communicate with the people he loves. The book becomes a race to see whether he will discover a way to wake up his body before death finally does make his last call.

As I said, this book is very powerful. It is also a tear jerker. I made the mistake reading this book mostly on my lunch breaks at work, which was a bad idea. Hopefully none of my coworkers so me looking all weepy eyes. So yeah, maybe read this one is a safe place. Not a good airplane book, guys.

Chizine continues to amaze me and earn my respect with novel after novel making me want to devour anything they publish, which I have already gotten a pretty good start on.

Downsides could include the heart wrenching aspect. If you don't like tear jerkers... well this could be too much for you.

The book was a big page turner. Right away you are thinking come on Westlake, come on Westlake. You want him to succeed so badly, but I will let you figure out for yourself if he does.

Michael D. Griffiths
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