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7 Scorpions Rebellion, by Mike Saxton
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Eloquent Books
Published: 2011
Review Posted: 10/13/2013
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: Not Rated

7 Scorpions Rebellion, by Mike Saxton

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Scorpions Rebellion is a dark, very apocalyptic science fiction novel written by Mike Saxton. Set in the not too distant future, the world is brought to its knees in just one day when all of the Earth's major cities are reduced to rubble. The survivors have only begun to suffer, for the genocidal Zodiac has more horrors in store for them. Bladeless helicopters, giant city destroying bulldozers, and armored soldiers called Seekers, whose mere presence renders most humans helpless by the unexplained waves of fear they create, are just the beginning.

The world sits on the edge of survival and has to somehow fight back. Vincent Black is the man who needs to step up and insure this happens. Vincent is no ordinary man. A former vigilante, known as the Night Viper, Vincent was been experimented on against his will. This results in him becoming not only a super soldier, but also humanity's best hope of avoiding the destruction of its species.

Vincent quickly gathers a small, but ever growing assortment of allies. These include a young woman named Lexi whose brain damage has left her immune to the Seeker's fear aura. These allies not only help him strike back against the nearly invincible armies of Zodiac, but also convince Vincent that with his powers he should be the natural leader of their growing rebellion.

At first, the book hits you with so much destruction that the reader is taken aback. Some could be kept distanced from the story line as they try to absorb the immensity of the situation. Zodiac's nearly complete annihilation of humanity's power seems too over the top and improbable. Yet as one reads on, the characters grab you and as they start to fight back against these impossible odds, the reader can easily get sucked into the tale and want to find out if this band on involuntary heroes can somehow triumph.

Drawbacks of the book might include the author over-identifying with the main character. The character has the same job as the author and is living in the same place, which seems a bit self absorbed. Also some of the feats that Zodiac and his army are capable of seem too extreme, to be explained away with lines like, "They found some experimental blue prints."

Despite these small issues, Scorpions Rebellion is an entertaining book. Most lovers of Science Fiction and Apocalyptic stories will find themselves eager to turn pages and wondering if there is any way Vincent Black can somehow bring humanity back from the brink of doom
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