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Abbreviated Epics, edited by Juliana Rew
Genre: Fantasy Anthology
Publisher: Third Flatiron Publishing
Published: 2014
Review Posted: 3/3/2015
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

Abbreviated Epics, edited by Juliana Rew

Book Review by Jeremy D. Carr

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In this Winter 2014 installment from Third Flatiron Anthologies, editor Julianna Rew has gathered a collection of mini-epics. Ranging widely in style, theme, culture and form, these abbreviated epics are a greatly enjoyable collection of short stories. From samurai to vikings,  steampunk to ancient myth, from arachnid aliens to giant squids, there is never a dull moment in the flow of this collection. It is certainly a different style than the previous Third Flatiron anthologies I have read so far, but certainly just as effective. Here is a glimpse at these glimpses into the inferred epics.

"Blade Between Oni and Hare" by Siobhan Gallagher -- Did you ever wonder what sort of stories Lewis Carroll would have written if he had been a traditional Japanese samurai? Well here is your answer.

"HMS Invisible and the Halifax Slaver" by Iain Ishbel -- When old world magic is entwined with new world politics the battles of war take on a different face, one that only those with proper faith can truly see.

"Beyond the Turning Orrery" by Deborah Walker -- In a clockwork universe the gods are the ones who wind the gears. When one of their creations loses faith, he searches for a way to not be unwound.

"Heart-Shaped" by Manuel Royal -- Sometimes the battle of the sexes can escalate into full-scale war.

"A Wolf is Made" by Jordan Ashley Moore -- The old gods each have their own ways of punishing sin. For those who follow the ways of the Hunter, that punishment is to become that which you should not have killed.

"Through an Ocular, Darkly" by Martin Clark -- This one is more than a short story, it is a chapter from a true steampunk epic. I look forward to more stories of Dr. Leon Prinz.

"Damfino Plays for Table Stakes" by Ben Solomon -- The secrets to being a great gambler are knowing your cards, knowing your opponent and a great sense of timing. In this Hitchcockian tale, Mr. Damfino shows just how important these traits can be.

"The Committee" by Margarita Tenser - A quick but effective comical creation myth. If we were created in the likeness of the gods, how do you think the creation process went?

"Rain Over Lesser Boso" by Gustavo Bondoni -- If you fear the demons they will drive you mad, but if you have the courage to face them, you may use them as much as they use you.

"The Perfection of the Steam-Powered Armour" by Adria Laycraft -  It is the balance of belief and determination, of desire and courage, of principle and application, that makes us who we are and life what it is. It is also what brings perfection to Jin's creation.

"Assault on the Summit" by Daniel Coble -- They say history is written by the winners. Sometimes the winners are arachnid aliens that do not want us to know things.

"Fortunate Son" by Steve Coate -- In a warrior culture how does a parent decide between family and honor? Sometimes the choice is decided by fate alone.

"Odin on the Tree" by Jo Walton -- A poetic glance into the mind's eye of a failed god.

"Refusing the Call" by Elliotte Rusty Harold -- All epic adventures begin with the naming of a hero. Here is what happens when the hero says no?
"The Blue Cup" by Marissa James -- It is important to realize the difference between our fantasies and realities. But when our fantasies become our reality for a time, what does our reality then become?

"Toward the Back" by Jake Teeny -- Being a cowardly orc is not easy, hilarious sure, but not easy.

"The Lost Children" by Alison McBain -- The gods have many hands. If one fails to obey their wishes they simply send another to accomplish their goals.

"Great Light's Daughters" by Patricia S. Bowne -- It is pointless to deny our own abilities, for it is our abilities that define our purpose.

"Qinggong Ji" by Stephen D. Rogers -- They say the pen I mightier than the sword. In this mini-epic Ji shows us that music can be mightier still, and when all else fails, it is vision that will win over all.

"On Train with a Coyote Ghost" by Robin Wyatt Dunn -- Ancient mysteries can be the solutions to modern problems.
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