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Aquarius Rising, by Brian Burt
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Press
Published: 2015
Review Posted: 5/25/2016
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

Aquarius Rising, by Brian Burt

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Aquarius Rising, Book 1: In The Tears Of God, by Brian Burt could almost be considered a Fantasy novel, but in the end would have to be considered a Science Fiction book. The book has a few different POV, including one from a the main villain, but primarily focuses on Ocypode. In the far future most of the surface of the Earth is all but unlivable. Seeing this outcome a scientist created a mutation where 10% of human babies were born as aquatic breathing humanoids called Aquarians. This undersea world is a beautiful place to live compared to the surface unless you are born a Atavism, like Ocypode, who is half human and half Aquarians. They are considered second class citizens, but he has made up for this by being in charge of the history and records of his colony.

This underwater civilization is thrown into chaos as a horrid attack from the surface is turning whole communities into stone. Village after village is hit and Ocypode and his allies are scrambling to not only save as many of them as they can, but also track down who is responsible for these attacks.

Ocypode and his allies discover that not only are Aquarian colonies being destroyed, but there is a plan to use the ocean to renew life on the land, but this will kill most of the life in the seas in order to accomplish this. There are also lies that have been passed down through the generations and uncovering the truth will help them overcome this threat.

I do not want to say more to ruin the surprises in store for the reader. The novel is well written and inventive. Having the majority of the characters sea dwellers in innovative. I enjoyed  Ocypode's dolphin and whale allies and how they were written. The culture clashes also proved intense and a bit unnerving and gave Ocypode more depth and motivation. The land versus ocean was also an interesting twist. Ocypode is a great character and is very likeable and intelligent.

Not many downsides here. I have a little ocean phobia, so I do not like stories that take place in that gloom as much. But this might not affect others as much as me.  Also Ocypode was almost too smart and some of their adventures had a little too much luck thrown at them.

Strong novel. I already have the second and you can expect to be seeing the review for that soon. Good strong cast and ideas here. Found a inventive world and a powerful novel concept here. Good job bringing the reader some new horizons to explore.

The Warriors of Light
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