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Blood Paladin, by Janrae Frank
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance
Published: 2005
Review Posted: 10/28/2005
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Reader Rating: 0 out of 10

Blood Paladin, by Janrae Frank

Book Review by Susie Hawes

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Blood Paladin, the latest book in the "Dark Brothers of the Light" series by Janrae Frank, is a smooth, intense read. Well plotted, colorful and full of exposition, it delves into the cultural and biological eccentricities of the separate races of this world as we follow the events first in the camp of Isranon Dawnbringer, and then the lycan village of Claw Redhand.

Isranon is kidnapped and rescued, and his followers take several Sa' necari prisoner. Isranon, himself, however, is undergoing a dangerous change. He is becoming more aggressive with Ankasha. As the nature of this new development is explored it is revealed that Ankasha has been brought to sexual maturity by giving Isranon blood. He, in turn, has been taken over by the breeding instincts of the Demoneater Male. Under a biological imperative to impregnate her, he becomes increasingly more cruel, endangering her life and his soul as the instinct to breed supersedes her Blood Slave tie to him. Isranon becomes the dominant lover, while Ankasha becomes the passive mate. Will they survive this new development? Will Ankasha become pregnant, or is she doomed to die the last of her race?

In the village of Isranon's former lover, Merissa, a new danger is revealed. Malthus, a sa' necari, slowly corrupts the denizens of the village, killing or enslaving and impregnating several of them while winning the trust of others. As we watch this cruel and painful series of events, Malthus becomes more in control of the village until he tricks Merissa into agreeing to marry him, endangering her soul and threatening her son's life. Isranon's son by Merrisa is a target for Malthus' wrath, and he plans to kill the child.

Ms. Frank's writing is strong, colorful and wonderfully alive. For example, this passage:

"The three yuwenghau were a study in contrasts: massive Lokynen with his barrel chest, and arms like temple columns, his legs like tree trunks; Hathura, slender to the point of appearing fragile, yet flaring through the shoulders, translucently pale skinned with white hair and silver eyes; Meleajys, a dark-skinned blond, whose lanky build stretched his ropy muscles along a raw-boned frame."

With scenes like this one we are caught up in the story. Character development is deep and cultural development rich. The actions of the characters in this novel ring true. It is filled with character studies, from that of Ankasha and Amiri, bound by heritage to one another, to the doomed Beth, whose corruption leads to a shameful and horrible death. The story moves forward with a sense of logic, yet emotion and personality are never forgotten. There's a little too much sexual content, taking away from the balance of the novel a bit. I would have liked to see more action to even this out. Yet, at the end, both Isranon's life and Malthus' plans move forward, with new developments that advance the plot nicely and add tension to the novel.what is infidelity why married men cheat on their wives
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Blood Paladin, by Janrae Frank on Amazon

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Posted by SFfreak001 on 5/22/2007
Ugh!! What a horrible read! Who reviewed this and gave it 5 STARS!!! This book reads liks something out of my highschool english class...and not the honors one! Author...dont quit your day job!