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Blood Wraiths, by Janrae Frank
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Renebooks
Published: 2004
Review Posted: 9/30/2005
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: 10 out of 10

Blood Wraiths, by Janrae Frank

Book Review by Susie Hawes

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Blood Wraiths follows Isranon Dawnbringer and his companions into the realms of Light. As he searches for redemption a Dark Goddess, Galee, seeks to ignite war between the realms and release her evil mate from behind the imprisoning wall of power that denies him access to the world.

Blood Wraiths brings together the conflicting forces of Good and Evil, moving them closer to war. Isranon, a heretic among his own kind for his refusal to perform the bloody Rites that would empower him, is born into a race steeped in evil. He rejected this and now seeks to walk with the gods of Light. In his quest for redemption he travels among the denizens of the realm of light, but he and his companions must hide their nature or be killed. Old prejudices die hard, and with Galee bringing creatures of Darkness to kill and torment mankind, the people of the realm of Light are once again reminded why they hate his kind.

The theme of prejudice is explored as Isranon and his companions make their way through this new realm. Blood Wraith also examines the nature of friendship, loyalty, redemption and self awareness. It shows how the common influences and experiences of a lifetime may be interpreted differently by a number of people. Finally, Blood Wraith does not make the mistake of painting this world in stark shades of black and white. People are not portrayed as completely good or evil.

I enjoyed this novel tremendously. Tightly scripted action, flowing description and solid characterization bring the tale to life. Danger feels real, emotions are strong and visuals are startling and memorable. Ms. Frank uses the elements of her craft to make you feel involved in her story.

I give Blood Wraith a five out of a possible five stars. Very nice, Ms. Frank. More, please.
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