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Blue Limbo  A Mitch Helwig Book, by Terence M. Green cover image
Science Fiction
Phoenix Pixk
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Blue Limbo A Mitch Helwig Book, by Terence M. Green

Book Review by Paul Weiss

Have you read this book?

Blue Limbo is an exciting, blazing fast, high-tech noir-thriller set in a near future Toronto. Mitch Helwig, a heroic cop with a poorly established sense of his own mortality has just raided and destroyed a criminal gang's warehouse dealing them a crippling financial blow. Not content to deal solely with the police and Helwig, the gang is out for revenge. They've kidnapped his aging father and they're attempting to murder his best friend and his young daughter.

Helwig is portrayed as a vengeance-minded rogue cop armed with futuristic weaponry like laser guns that can cut through flesh like a hot wire through soft butter, water guns capable of delivering lethal electrical shocks and infallible portable lie-detectors called "barking dogs". But despite Helwig's brutal arsenal and his willingness to get things done outside of any legal boundaries, BLUE LIMBO is not the simplistic, derivative BLADE RUNNER or MAD MAX type of novel one might be forgiven for expecting.

In fact, BLUE LIMBO is a compelling, character driven essay that explores the meaning of friendship, love, family and parenting. The dialog that Green puts into the mouths of Helwig, his aging father and his beautiful but wise-beyond-her-years nine year old daughter is positively beautiful, humorous, exquisitely heartwarming and quite capable of moving a reader to tears.

Like his better known Canadian writing contemporary, Robert J Sawyer, Terence M Green is also a writer who isn't afraid to use his novels to explore deeper philosophical questions that are a natural outcome of the world's scientific advancements. In this case, the title BLUE LIMBO refers to a state of quasi-existence after death that the medical world has found a way to tap into and communicate with a deceased person's brain for a short period of time after what we have traditionally labelled as death. BLUE LIMBO positions itself deeply in the soft side of the sci-fi spectrum by leaving the technology unexplained, by simply asserting its existence and choosing instead to explore the issues that would arise were such technology available.

Blue Limbo is an exhilarating combination of physics, metaphysics and the realities of life and love. My hope would be that this positive review would help to deliver a few more readers. Goodness knows, BLUE LIMBO deserves it. Highly recommended.
Blue Limbo - A Mitch Helwig Book, by Terence M. Green on Amazon

Blue Limbo - A Mitch Helwig Book, by Terence M. Green on Amazon

Blue Limbo  A Mitch Helwig Book, by Terence M. Green cover pic
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