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Changeling, by Delia Sherman
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Penguin
Published: 2006
Review Posted: 3/31/2008
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: 10 out of 10

Changeling, by Delia Sherman

Book Review by Jennifer Hairfield

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Like Charles de Lint, Delia Sherman has created an urban fantasy that both kids and teens can enjoy. This story takes place in the fantasy realm called "New York Between" and yes it does exist side by side with the real New York City. Each part of New York Between has its own 'ruler.' The main character, Neef, lives under the rule of the Green Lady of Central Park. But Neef breaks the one rule that was placed upon her and she is offered up to the Wild Hunt.

But as with all myths, legends, and fairy tales, the hero gets sent on an unbelievable quest and if it's completed then all is forgiven. This is exactly want Neef gets charged with. The Green Lady agrees to let Neef come back to Central Park if she gets three items -- the Queen Mermaid's Magical Mirror, an orchestral seat to see Peter Pan on Broadway with the original Tinker Bell, and the scales of the Dragon of Wall Street. With the help from some old friends and the making of new ones Neef goes on the quest in search of a way home.

One can learn quite a bit on a quest about what a person is capable of and what is truly important in life. Neef and her counterpart, Changeling, are definitely two sides of the same coin. It was quite enjoyable to read this adventure and the technicalities that the Fairy Realm gets away with. Also the author did a wonderful job on the research on all the different countries these creatures come from and she has a glossary of them in the back of the book for reference. I think the emotions that Neef feels throughout could've been shown better, but overall I enjoyed the story and I wish I could've experienced the Solstice celebration more. It's a fun adventure for kids of all ages.
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