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Cursed, by Jeremy Shipp
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press
Published: 2010
Review Posted: 9/18/2013
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: Not Rated

Cursed, by Jeremy Shipp

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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There has been a good deal of praise for Jeremy Shipp's third novel Cursed. This is well deserved for the book is innovative and unique. The story grabs you at once and is the type of book you want to keep reading until you suddenly realize you have blasted through the whole thing.

The tale centers on a group of dysfunctional young adults who put a whole new meeting to the word misfits, or they could just be your friends. The protagonist Nick feels that he is suffering from a very bizarre curse. This concept is driven home and supported when he discovers that his newest and very exciting friend Cicely is cursed as well.

Nick's life becomes a hazy journey as he attempts to investigate the reality of their curses while balancing the excitement he feels over discovering how wonderful Cicely is. But this new friendship has a dark cloud that only increases when they discover a third person that is suffering from a curse of her own.

Nick's curses become more concrete and real and go from something he could be imagining to something that has begun to ruin his life. Then when the trio discover that a true villain, who might be a murderer or perhaps even some type of insane serial killer, is creating these curses, things become terrifying. The situation evolves from a minor nuisance into a potential life threatening disaster.

Shipp's characters are instantly likeable and his powerful villain is nerve racking and frustrating for both his heroes and the reader. Nick wants to stop his horrid assault on their lives, but is blocked on each turn and the more they fight back the worse the situation becomes. Just as Nick is meeting the lovely Cicely and should be having the happiest days of his life, he and his best friends, and even his family, are sinking into a world without hope.

The writing itself is flamboyant and fun. Despite the darkness of the scenario, much of the writing is light and infused with large doses of humor and fun. There is also a strong slice of suspense that continues to build throughout the tale. Nick also makes lists out of most things in his life. These lists are often charming and quite amusing.

Potential downsides are hurried descriptions. Places like Cicely's apartment are detailed, but sometimes the listing perhaps goes a little too far in these cases. Also after an intense build up, the ending seemed a bit rushed to me. Shipp had great exciting ideas, but almost seemed to have some trouble taking it home and wrapping it up in a manner that was satisfying after all the excitement and trauma the characters and reader has been through.

Overall, the book is a fine romp through the odd lives of some very likeable characters. The reader is entertained and can't help but hope that things will work out okay for the victims of these curses and really want to see them get their revenge on the villain that is tormenting them. Cursed is a mystery, a bizarre vision, a comedy, and even a horror story with a twist. It is well worth the money and promises to be a good read for everyone with a desire to explore this strange adventure.
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