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Dalsala Den, by Michael D. Griffiths
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Altered Dimensions Press
Published: 2013
Review Posted: 3/13/2014
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: Not Rated

Dalsala Den, by Michael D. Griffiths

Book Review by David Hodge

Have you read this book?

Our hero, Matt Narrows, is on a date with his lady, when an albino steals her and his minions beat Matt up.  Soon, she turn up dead.  Matt has a bad day but lives.  This, it soon becomes apparent, is unusual, and marks him as a hero, a Stalwart, and enemy to the several varieties of Xemmoni.  These terms, Stalwart and Xemmoni, will be familiar to readers of Griffiths' Jack Primus books.

The police, after the inevitable the-boyfriend-did-it phase, take Matt on as a consultant, because he is the only one who has any clue at all what's going on (which isn't much).  After taking the investigation into his own hands, Mat eventually discovers that Dalsala has magic powers and is very hard to kill.  Dalsala first step is to take out the Milwaukee police department, whole squads at a time, and the army is called in.  After the detective he was working with, Finnegan, puts in a good word for him, they also take Matt on as a consultant.  They also begin losing men in large numbers.  By this time, Dalsala has taken over the whole of Milwaukee and vicinity.  His reach extends much further:  the president is assassinated, and the vice president is under Dalsala's control.  But it's mainly the city that Schlitz made famous that takes it in the shorts. There are various monsters and controlled humans.  While on a reconnaissance into the city, Matt meets Apollo - yes, the Greek god.  Apollo gives him extra power, mainly healing, holy light, and even more durability.  It seems that Apollo and friends had taken out an evil god.  But this god's sidekick, and the sidekick's sidekick, Dalsala Den, escaped, hence Milwaukee's trouble.  There are various fights.  At one point Narrows is captured, and Dalsala (like various Bond villains) does not have the sense to put one between his eyes in the spot, so deserves what he gets in the end.  This is by dint of Apollo's holy light, an evil magic sword, and a bird monster that defects to the goodgize under the influence of Matt's new girlfriend.

Griffiths tells a good story, and I will read more of his books.  A sequel seems likely, when Dalsala's boss finds out, and considering that the perilous Multiverse Scroll has set up this fight on every inhabited planet that exists.

I got "badgize" from Gahan Wilson.

Michael D. Griffiths
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