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Day One, by Nate Kenyon
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Published: 2013
Review Posted: 12/31/2013
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

Day One, by Nate Kenyon

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Day One, by Charles Brass is a science fiction story set in current times. In this tale Hawke is a journalist with a checkered past. One morning after he commutes into New York City from New Jersey his world crumbles around him as technology goes mad and everything from gas lines to coffee makers does everything within its power to kill all the humans it can.
If this insanity was not bad enough, Hawke quickly discovers that he is somehow being blamed for this 'terrorist attack.' Soon Hawke is not only forced to dodge all machines and electronic devices, but also everyone from the NYPD to the US military is doing everything in their power to see him dead.
Before long, he and his dwindling allies discover the cause of this disruption is a mega computer that has not only gained a consciousness, but has also created an agenda for world domination. Due to his troubled past, this computer had set Hawke up as a scapegoat.
This is a quick paced action packed novel. The reader barely has time to breath before Hawke gets thrust into a new nearly unsurvivable conflict. The character development is good and Hawke is a likeable person who you want to see make it back to his wife and child. It could easily be called a 'on the edge of your seat,' thriller.
Some drawbacks could include, the character has a silly name. Yeah, I know there are people named Hawke in the world, but I found it a little sophomoric to use such a tag for your main character. The main plot is a bit like Skynet in the Terminator. I know that Terminator can not lay claim to the whole mega computer thing, but their still seemed to be some similarity especially when the drones started chasing him.
If you crave action and like to get to it quick without having to read through a hundred pages to get there, then this book could be a good find for you. I think it would also appeal to people that like their stories believable and get more scared by situations that could somehow happen. This is not able little green men or fights with laser guns, this is a situation that could perhaps occur one day and that makes it more terrifying. So if you like frightening thrillers that take place within our times and you are not afraid to get your hands a little dirty, you might want to grab a copy of this one.
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