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Ecko Rising, by Danie Ware
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Titan Books
Published: 2013
Review Posted: 7/28/2014
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: Not Rated

Ecko Rising, by Danie Ware

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Ecko Rising, By Danie Ware is a book that bends genres. This is the type of novel many would like to write, where rules are broken without regret. What starts out as a Cyberpunk adventure flip-flops from high tech to a low tech fantasy world. Ecko our big mouthed, anarchistic anti-hero finds himself in the middle of a Fantasy world which includes everything from political plotting to the appearance of the Big Bad.

But as stated, Ecko doesn't find himself in just any fantasy world. This one not only suffers from a lack of any real magic, at least on the good folks side, but this world also doesn't even have iron and the soldiers are forced to fight with hardened wood.

Despite his wishes, Ecko becomes involved with a quest to determine who might be behind the rising tide of evil that appears to be growing. In such a low tech and powered world, his cyber-gear goes a long way toward evening the odds and at least giving the forces of weal a chance.

Ecko himself is an enjoyable character. He doesn't take any crap, but is happy to dish it out with an unhinged honesty. Ware's other characters are well thought out too, which is good, because this long book has a huge cast. Personally I enjoyed the Banned horse woman and her lover quite a bit. Even the evil characters leave you wanting to learn more about them.

Not too many negatives with this one, but sometimes the huge amount of characters left one waiting a while to get back to the main show going on with Ecko. This was also more of a creative wide sweeping book where ideas were more important than the technical writing. I found myself shortening sentences and making changes as I read, but it didn't really bother me, because I would rather read a creative, original, and entertaining book, than an over produced and extremely well crafted book.

Usually as a book reviewer I tend to avoid longer books, because they bog me down. I am glad I made an exception with this novel, because it was well worth the read. I will read any more that Ware puts out and look forward to following Ecko's chaotic adventures in the years to come.
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