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Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Published: 2006
Review Posted: 4/26/2007
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull

Book Review by Howard von Darkmoor

Have you read this book?

This book was fun! I enjoyed reading this young adult tale, the first in a series about hidden exotic wildlife preserves and the special caretakers who live on them. Fablehaven isn't like any preserve you've ever heard of! All the creatures that reside here - and the dozens of preserves like it spread across the globe - are just as dangerous as they are endangered and just as hard to see as they are hard to believe in! Although a little dose of special milk really puts a spin on things...

Fablehaven is home to all the fantastical, mystical creatures one would associate with, well, fable. Many of the classical creatures of myth and fantasy lore abide here, including naiads, trolls, ogres, fairies, imps, satyrs and many more, both seen and hinted at. All of it not only right here in the good ol' US of A, but just over there in Connecticut!

Brandon Mull's debut novel (2006 was quite the year for first-time authors, eh?) is a well-written piece of creativity that will enthrall children and interest adults. A tale of discovery and courage, it encompasses the comparison of many things: the results of having rules - too strictly following them and too blatantly disregarding them; the consequences of choice - the differences between self-interest, self-preservation, self-pity and self-lessness; the onus of opportunity - a study of the two-edged sword of opportunity that gives freedom and demands responsibility.

This is a clever story that perfectly scores with its target market and does exactly what it claims to do. I am confident any reader of young adult fantasy fiction will agree that this is a delightful beginning of a series to look forward to. I am glad to add Brandon Mull's Fablehaven to my library and would definitely recommend it to any young-at-heart readers.
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Comments on Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull
Posted by Rose on 3/29/2010
i love this book!It keeps me on the edge of my seat.A lot of friends read it and said it was a great book.Now I'm on the 4th and i don't want to stop reading.It perfect for my age because I'm 10 and i love the books.I wish Brandon mull wrote more books because he is such a great author.I want to read all the books and see how they end up, but i don't want to finish them all because i want to keep reading them.The only problem i have is that i know that Fablehaven will end up okay because there is a book after it.
Posted by kaelyn on 8/11/2009
I agree with Tim it did have depth to it and it took me 1 day to read
Posted by Tim on 6/14/2009
I disagree with Lila. I think that it had depth all right. It started a little slow, but took you into the book really deep. I couldn't put it down. The problem is society today demands extremes. If you are used to reading extremes, then this book is ordinary. However, if you have not lost the knack to using your imagination, this book will take it to new heights. Thanks for the story Brandon. I'm on book four.
Posted by Lila on 4/2/2009
I read Fablehaven for a book report, along with one of my friends. I believe it has a good concept and is a very good book...unless you like depth. I really enjoyed the idea of a preserve for magical creatures. But it is more of something you might read to young children. There is really nothing that sad in it. There is about one part that builds up some feeling of suspense. But other than that, not much of anything other than happiness. I knew that even if the world was doomed somebody would miraculously save it. I knew nobody was going to die. I guess that kinda of ruined the book for me.
Posted by daisy  on 3/22/2008
this is a great book to read didnt read the 2nd book but it should be good the 3rd one came out on friday later thanks brandon mull
Posted by Unknown on 2/16/2008
Fablehaven was an AMAZING book! I still need to read the second one though. But i think they should make a movie of it, cause that would be AWESOME!