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Gridlinked, by Neal L. Asher
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Published: 2004
Review Posted: 2/18/2007
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Gridlinked, by Neal L. Asher

Book Review by Sheri Fresonke Harper

Have you read this book?

Gridlinked by Neal Asher is a wild and fun ride, fast paced, and full of action. Set up as a mystery that character Ian Cormac investigates, the reader continually wonders what will happen next because in many ways the story line is an extended chase. Ian must find out who built and detonated a bomb on the planet of Samarkand, killing the local population, but first he must survive a terrorist psychopath named Arian Pelter who wants revenge for the death of his sister. Limiting Ian even further, the Runcible AI's that help their security forces need Ian to go offline their implant provided information services and trust other humans.

The story travels from planet to planet and even involves a space station and spaceships. Alien creatures play a part that adds spice.

One thing I really liked about this book was the low-key introduction of high technology and the way its given credibility and used throughout. The population relies on Sensic augumentations to enhance their physical senses. Antigravity cars are used for planet side travel. But the main technology, that of Runcibles provides the primary premise for the story. Runcibles are used to travel from planet to planet across light years of space in non-relativistic time, through a null low space beneath the curve of time and space i.e. very quickly. Many chapter headings provide information about the technology that helps support the coming action.

The main character is somewhat limited by his weakness, overuse of the AI contact and has lost his ability to feel. This weakness doesn't provide much room for him to change and grow as an individual. Instead the reader comes to know his as an active futuristic James Bond sort, capable of taking lots of pain, and coming back to fight again. His supporting cast providing his travel needs are interesting and varied but the villains play a much stronger role and are convincingly evil.

The only thing minimally lacking is a broader characterization for the protagonist. Readers that like mysteries, chase, action, space, technology and or science fiction will like this book.
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