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MMM, by J.E Shoup
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Cool Well Press
Published: 2012
Review Posted: 12/12/2013
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: Not Rated

MMM, by J.E Shoup

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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MMM, by J.E. Shoup is an Urban Fantasy Novel set in modern times as well as in the far flung future. This novel also falls under a YA tag since if focused on a high school student named Matt.

Matt is just a junior in high school when the novel begins. Due to Matt being yanked from school to school during his childhood, he has grown into a video game obsessed youth without any friends.

Matt's life takes a quick turn on multiple fronts. First off, he begins to develop friends at school right as a series of murders begin where the killers are targeting high school students. Even more intense is when he gets sucked into the future and becomes part of his favorite video game, only it isn't a game there, it's real.

In this future world he joins with a group of rebels fighting for their freedom across a string of planets and also starts to fall in love with a character he had already had a crush on while playing the game. But even as this world involves him in its life or death situations, his normal life hedges closer to the serial murders and he becomes involved with the police hunting down the killers as well. This dual story reaches a climax that could easily claim his life in either realm.

As mentioned before, the book is very YA. This does not have to be a bad thing, but prepare yourself for high school drama before you grab this one. Also some of the plot twists seem a little too convenient. Not only is Matt a hero in some high tech future world, but he is also Mr. Popular all of a sudden without lifting a finger, which doesn't seem that realistic if I remember high school accurately. If this is not enough, he becomes a hero and helps out the police not once, but multiple times, nearly solving the whole serial killer case for them. Not bad for a shy sixteen year old to accomplish in about a month.

od points for this one include that Matt is a likeable guy and once you start reading you want to find out where he will end up. His mother is poor and Matt is humble as well as just plan nice. For people that like their heroes very good and pure this would be right up their alley. In conclusion this is an enjoyable book, but overall I would not recommend it to people that do not enjoy YA fantasy, but if you do, you should consider giving this one a look.
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