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Moon Flights, by Elizabeth Moon
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Night Shade Books
Published: 2008
Review Posted: 10/15/2009
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

Moon Flights, by Elizabeth Moon

Book Review by Troy D. Young

Have you read this book?

A wildly varied short story collection from a talented writer, Moon Flights held my attention from the first tale to the last. The mainstream stories ranged from the predicament of a shy woman who thought her neighbors were stealing her electricity, to a WW1 nautical battle between British and German ships in 1914.

However, I mostly enjoyed the several tales of The Ladies Aid & Armor Society. These women warriors, including such stalwarts as Mirabel Stonefist, Bertha Broadbelt, Krystal Winterborne, and Sophora Segundiflora, formed the king's guard and fought in battles. They also hosted an annual charity ball for the orphan daughters of slain soldiers. In the first story, they are incensed that the king has ordered a tax on brass breast plates, but not on the men's brass jock straps. They turn to the Plastic Wizard to reduce their breasts to manly chests with a temporary spell, which the king finds disgusting. In another, they are out to rescue Devious Dire, a recluse who has been turned into a dragon. The stories are extremely funny.

The space stories include a cargo ship loaded with bad cheese, a daughter of a safety engineer who feared she could not live up to her famous mother's reputation, and a graduate musician who is sent into space to compose a symphony describing a horrid planet, only to find out too late that it was a thirty year voyage to compose symphonies for thirty two planets. He failed read the union contract closely enough.

There is time travel, with prehistoric tribes trying to thwart the "witches" from the future who are robbing their families' gravesites. It alternates between both time periods, and transitions well. This writer seems comfortable in almost any genre, from intergalactic travel to historical, fantasy to humor, and often combines the genres to wonderful effect. The genres are interspaced throughout the book, so you are always surprised by the next offering. I recommend it strongly for a long, lazy, weekend of reading and relaxing.

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