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Mythica: Genesis, by Scott S. Colley
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Krull Stone Publishing
Published: 2012
Review Posted: 9/17/2013
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: Not Rated

Mythica: Genesis, by Scott S. Colley

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Genesis is the first book in the upcoming Mythica series. The book is a long, epic fantasy tale (550 pages). The author proves a comprehensive image of a battle between the humans and their allies as they engage in a monstrously huge army of Orks, backed by demons, and even Daemon lords. Many points of view are used, including two different Orks.

Colley begins is tale with the Orks preparing a battle for the domination of their known world. Their high mage Grimvisage seeks to insure their victory by summoning the aid of the four Deamon lords. Yet in order to control them, he needs the might of the ancient artifact known as the Krull Stone. He sends his slave master Kairayn to retrieve it, even as the humans receive a magical vision of their upcoming doom.

The humans must now send their own heroes to try to beat the Orks to the Krull Stone. The team of thirteen is led by Lazarus, his brother's Vinson and Aldric, their loyal friend Layak, and their mage ally Azrael. The book quickly becomes a race to first find the Krull Stone and then prepare for the upcoming apocalyptic battle.

This book is wide in vision and long enough allow to author to weave a complex tale. As a fantasy quest it meets its mark and leaves the reader wanting to finish the journey. Lazarus and his allies are likeable characters and their friend Layak also provides the reader with a strong enjoyable hero.

Some drawbacks might include the book being a little 'green.' The ideas are there and flow well, but Colley could have used some more coaching to avoid such things as the use of clichés. Hearing things like, 'the sword cut through him like a hot knife through butter,' tend to draw me out of the story. There were also a few POV shifts that left my feeling a little dizzy and one scene where Layak should have been fighting, but is strangely absent. These drawbacks keeps it from getting a higher star rating from me, which in most ways it deserved.

Colley takes on a huge epic here and the reader can tell he puts his heart and soul into bringing you a classic fantasy quest. All lovers of old school fantasy will find another enjoyable tale for them to devour here. Colley makes up for any shortcomings, by developing a powerful tale that allowed the reader to follow the brothers as they battle to save their world against a seemingly unstoppable foe. I will certainly read the second book when it arrives.
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