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Nod, by Adrian Barnes
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Titan Books
Published: 2015
Review Posted: 12/26/2015
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

Nod, by Adrian Barnes

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Overall one thing I can say for 2015 is that I have had the honor to read some truly top notch novels. I am not sure if the writing if getting better or I am just picked the winners well. Maybe it is because I read a lot of Titan Publishing's books and they pick the winners for me. Whatever it is, I have had a great year of reading and that was one of the many reasons I was so pleased with Nod because it helped me just about finish off the year with a very excellent read. (I actually timed it out so I finished it on Christmas day as a little present to myself.)

I heard that Nod was the author, ------ first novel. If so, well done. Perhaps he is the type of guy that waits until everything is perfect and then sends off his first love to make a big splash. Whatever it is, it worked, for I loved this novel.

Paul is a writer that lives with his girlfriend Tanya. We are barely introduced into their lives before, for some unknown reason, the vast majority of the human population loses the ability to sleep. Some are immune and Paul is one of them.  The people of Vancouver quickly move from irritable and absent minded to insane and violent.

You thought that the horror genre had covered every scary situation that could befall mankind, think again. The 'Awakened' become madmen and women that are a twist between foul schemers and easily distracted zombies.

Paul tries to keep it together for himself and save Tanya as she slowly loses her humanity, but when a man he knew finds his manuscript and sets Paul up as a savor for his growing cult, Paul had to become involved in the nightmare the world has become.

For me the book became and analogy for many relationships, which start off well but slowly slip into an insanity, which makes no logical sense. The writer also looks deep into contemporary culture and spotlights many errors in our common thinking.

Reading the book leaves you feeling a bit odd, almost as though you are functioning without sleep. I also lost the book, not once but twice. Something I rarely if ever do. Strangely I managed to get it back both times.

I cannot think of many downsides to this novel. It might be a little green, but that also gives it more charm. Paul grows smarter at the end, but could have made better choices earlier, but I suppose if he had the book would have been quite a bit less dramatic, so sometimes for the sake of a good story the character needs to set himself up for failure.

Great book here. All horror fans that like a new concept will love this one. Action and adventure fans too. Even fans of philosophy might get something here. I will happily read anything that Adrian Barnes puts out.

Michael D. Griffiths Eternal Aftermath
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