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Sexbot, by Patrick Quinlan
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Strawberry Books
Published: 2014
Review Posted: 9/17/2015
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Sexbot, by Patrick Quinlan

Book Review by David L. Felts

Have you read this book?

I'm not sure who came up with Sexbot for the title, but I think it does the book a disservice, as does the over-the-top cleavage-based cover. Not because I'm some sort of prude, but because it might lead potential customers to shy away, since it screams "erotica" to anyway who even glances its way.

The problem that creates it two fold:

1. Anyone attracted by the lure of the title and cover is going to be disappointed. While there are some sexy bits, it's not as explicit as one might be led to think. Erotica it's not, and there are fans of science fiction erotica out there who might be enticed only to be disappointed.

2. Anyone who decides to avoid it because of the over-the-top sexy cover will miss out on a pretty good near-future action thriller. And that's too bad.

Martin and Susan are hotshot computer and artificial intelligence scientists working for Suncoast Cybernetics. In the course of their research to build an ever-better and more human artificial intelligence (which their company uses to build realistic androids to sell as sexual companions), they stumble across a method that allows the "uploading" of a person's mind to a machine intelligence. This, combined with the ever advancing androids they are able to build, offers potential immortality... to those who can pay the prince of course.

Flush with excitement and being the altruistic scientists they are, they plan to release their discovery and methods to the world, but Suncoast Cybernetics has different plans. They want to keep the technology to themselves so they can cash in on selling immortal android bodies to house the minds of those who can afford it. With Martin dead under suspicious circumstances, Susan abruptly finds herself the target of corporate assassins sent by Suncoast Cybernetics. In a desperate attempt to save herself, she uploads her consciousness into the newest android body she's developed, recovering just in time to see the assassins finish off her organic body. 

Now Susan finds herself occupying the newest generation of sexbot, generation nine, where her consciousness finds itself in a battle with the sexbot's erotic programming. The assassins, aware of what she did, receive orders to bring her back to company headquarters for study. As the first case of human to sexbot consciousness transfer, they want to study her. Susan manages to escape and finds herself on the run, with no real plan and being hunted by Suncoast Cybernetics' top assassin, Mr. Blue. 

Mr. Blue, it seems, has found himself completely captivated by Susan/Nine and, although acting on company orders, has other plans that include he and Susan/Nine living a happily ever after in some far away place. In order for that to happen, some... disagreements need to be settled with the Suncoast Cybernetics increasingly deranged and sexbot-hungry CEO Howard Neale.

What we end up with is a fast-paced action/chase story, with some romantic undertones, as Mr. Blue the corporate assassin pursues Susan the sexbot scientist. Not ground-breaking, and not deep, but still fun and entertaining. Despite the title and cover, this one's probably OK for 15+.
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