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Soul Continuum, by Simon WestBulford
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Medallion Press
Published: 2015
Review Posted: 12/12/2015
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: Not Rated

Soul Continuum, by Simon WestBulford

Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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The Soul Continuum takes Science Fiction to a new level with perhaps just a dash of mysticism thrown in. Salem Ben is a man that has become for all purposes immortal. He has in fact witnessed the enter universe sizzle out and then be reborn twice already. Besides his female computer, he lives alone and is currently in the empty space that occurs between the end of one universe and the big bang that begins another.

How does he deal with these billions of year of loneliness? He entertains himself by living the lives of humans through the millennia. He had been doing this for several trillion years, but in the background is a hidden nemesis, a cosmic threat that he has yet to understand.

As this threat grows, he chooses to live certain lives that could provide clues as to the origin of this menace. There should be nothing out in the empty void but him, yet there it is. His path becomes more complex after the lives of the beings he lives provide more hints, but he remains in the dark about how he can keep not only himself but perhaps the soon to be reborn universe safe.

This book is pretty intense and deep. If you are looking for Wookies and firefights this one is not for you. If you enjoy books that test the limits of reality and require leaps of faith and more than a little work from the reader, you will probably enjoy this one.

Downsides could include that it is a little complicated. Sometimes it was a challenge to put all the loose threads together and really make sense of what was going on. Some of the text was a little dense too. Not the sort of thing you might want to read in bed as you dozed off or pool side.

Overall the author took up a huge challenge with this novel. High Science Fiction with the fate of universes and perhaps all existence is going on here. Again if you like more intellectual science fiction this might be a great one for you, Star Wars fans might want to look elsewhere

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