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Strange Angel, by Adam P. Knave
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Die Monster Die
Published: 2007
Review Posted: 12/6/2007
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Strange Angel, by Adam P. Knave

Book Review by Adrienne Jones

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Demons are attempting a world take-over by possessing the innocent. Silent and deadly, they pass as human in the fleshy forms they puppet. The world needs a champion, and one has come—a teenage girl called Susie Sparrow.

To say that Susie is a reluctant hero is an understatement. While she's happy not to be demon possessed, she's none too thrilled to have something else living inside of her suddenly; Ferapont, a pushy, single-minded angel that tasks Susie with destroying every demon she encounters.

But how's a high school kid from the 'burbs gonna handle something that huge? With super powers, of course. Susie is given unnatural strength, the ability to focus a searing heat into any object she touches, but most importantly, a pair of large, lethal, wings of fire that erupt on her back and can slice through most demons like a knife through butter.

While the angel inside her seems to have no patience for her teen angst, and Susie rebels against his instruction and her situation, they somehow manage to make it work, and sally forth on a vigilante killing spree, like a double shot of demon pesticide. Of course, this job isn't without danger, and Susie must deal with beings strong enough to hurt her badly, clever entities that use her family and friends against her, all while struggling to gain control of her own unstable and dangerous power.

The Strange Angel books are a trilogy, which is a treat because the first one leaves you wanting more. The writing is full of humor and clever prose, with palpable descriptions, like this one here, referring to a child newly possessed:

The girl kept kicking the sack and laughing, a deep guttural laugh that shouldn't have come out of anyone's throat, unless they happened to be a sixty-year-old blues singer.

If you've been missing some Buffy, but want to read something with a unique twist, the Strange Angel series of novellas by Adam P. Knave is a great joyride.

The Strange Angel novella series is available at the Die Monster Die bookstore.
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