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The Battle for Tomorrow, by Frederick Bell
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Alternative Views Publishing
Published: 2011
Review Posted: 10/9/2013
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

The Battle for Tomorrow, by Frederick Bell

Book Review by Alexander McIntosh

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The Battle for Tomorrow is an intense collection of struggles between a native species and an invading force from space. The story grabs the reader's attention with its unusual twists thanks to Frederick Bell's incredible imagination. Set on another planet, the story unfolds introducing a species unknown to readers before. Egris, called segathars by an invading alien force, are unique animals on planet Egris. They are large, predatory type hunters. These creatures have the ability to communicate with each other and coordinate their attacks. Their intelligence is unmatched by other creatures of the land. Unfortunately for the segathars, the Iranha people have migrated from their world, which is dying due to over-pollution. Segathars are hunted for not only sport by the Iranha, but also for the segathar's beautiful hide which are transformed into anything from a pair of slippers to an accent rug. Before long, the segathars are pitted against the Iranha in a losing battle. Horhon, a segathar who loses almost her entire pack of fellow segathars due to hunting by the Iranha, brings a renewed hope as she travels the land in search of a secure place away from the Iranha.

Much is revealed to Horhon when she runs into another segathar pack. She learns that she alone carries the power to defeat the Iranha. She bears a child who is Egris but not Egris. Born by a segathar, but not of its kind, Ilon is a reincarnate from a previous life. He has faced the destructive power of the Iranha before, as another creature on another planet. Ilon is prophesied to save the segathars from annihilation by the Iranha. To complete this huge task he must gain the trust of all segathars as a competent leader, and then unite them against the common enemy: the Iranha.

The conflicts involved in the book do not only pit the segathars against the Iranha, but also include inner struggles between the Iranha government. The Iranha government mirrors much of the same corruption and acts of selfishness as seen in today's contemporary world. One interesting note would be that women are the dominant figures in politics for the Iranha and men are viewed as the weaker of the sexes. The actions of both men and women in the story support this. But as with most societal values, there are always a few who go against the grain and in this novel that tradition carries on. Poxiciti is a male environmental activist who realizes that the Iranha did not learn from their mistake of ecological destruction on their home planet. He is a leader of a revolting faction that plans to overthrow the government. His greatest opponent is Pulima Cos, a female leader of the Iranha on planet Egris. The battle between Poxiciti and Pulima Cos is as action packed and sprinkled with surprises as the battle between the segathars and Iranha.

A great read for anyone who enjoys fantasy or science fiction novels, The Battle for Tomorrow can be a quick read. There are great conflict plots as well as character defining moments. The reader is able to empathize with the characters due to Bell's writing.
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