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The God Particle, by Richard Cox
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Random House
Published: 2005
Review Posted: 4/26/2005
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

The God Particle, by Richard Cox

Book Review by Lynn Nicole Louis

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The God Particle seeks to combine hard science with metaphysical meanderings. Despite its particle physics core, it is much more a story about the characters than the science or the philosophy, presented with a dash of Dean Koontz science experiment gone bad.

Steve Keeley is the poster boy for today's successful young executive: low thirties, successful in his career, on the fast track to a VP position at his company, and engaged to the perfect woman -- or so he thinks. While on a business trip to Sweden, an inadvertent cell phone call initiates a string of events that finds Steve waking up after a 4-day coma in Swedish hospital, recovering from a severe brain injury. Accompanying his recovery is an odd feeling that he's being watched, along with an apparent ability to sense what other people are thinking.

Meanwhile, Mike McNair continues to oversee the operation of a billion dollar particle super collider underneath the Texas desert, seeking to prove the existence of the elusive Higgs bosun, also called the God Particle. Some physicists believe it is this particle will give proof of the energy field that binds together all matter in the universe.

The story follows these two men, one of them clinging to sanity, the other battling sabotage, greedy venture capitalists, and both potential victims of a sinister conspiracy that had its genesis in the Nazi medical experiments of World War II.

Cox did an excellent job of creating believable in interesting characters that made it hard for me to put the book down. The pace is a headlong rush from one event to another, and although not all the events are momentous, my investment in the characters made them as important to me as they were to them. Throughout the story, Cox presents an interesting and thought provoking view of metaphysics the nature of the universe.

Alas, it's not quite perfect. The end, I felt, failed to live up to the expectations engendered by the rest of the story. It was rather a let down after all the build up, resolving too quickly and perhaps a bit too neatly, without as much effort one might have expected. That quibble aside, it's an excellent and enjoyable read, especially for those who enjoy a good mix of science and mysticism presented in an energetic and engrossing story.
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