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The Martian War, by Gabriel Mesta
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 2005
Review Posted: 9/20/2005
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

The Martian War, by Gabriel Mesta

Book Review by Teresa Baker

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Truth, as we all know, is often far stranger than any fiction even the most creative author could imagine. It should not, therefore, be surprising that even the best loved tales could be born from such amazing facts that, if presented as such, they would bring scorn on even such respected personages as H.G. Wells. It is perfectly understandable when seen in this light, that when Mr. Wells set about to tell of his adventures with the dying civilization of Mars in his famous novel, "The War of the Worlds," he substantially altered details to keep his credibility as a writer intact.

Recently, the factual account of H.G. Wells' fictionalized war between Earth and Mars has been written. This account, The Martian War, has been presented as fiction; perhaps in part because of the eyewitness account, complete with diagrams, chronicled in the journal of the controversial figure, Dr. Moreau. The Doctor's research into vivisection made him an outcast in the scientific community of his day; even now many might dismiss his testimony. Despite this, his journal entries are presented in The Martian War so the true, cruel nature of Martians might be fully understood. Add to this that many of the seemingly impossible discoveries of the Imperial Institute have yet to be 'officially' revealed, and it is easy to understand the need for caution with the facts, even now.

Despite these tremendous obstacles, well known author Kevin J. Anderson, writing discreetly as Gabriel Mesta, has put the truth of these matters before any who wish to avail themselves of it. He has most diligently researched and recreated for the reader the times and circumstances in which humanity's encounter with the Martians transpired.

The Imperial Institute was headed by the illustrious T.H. Huxley; his fear of war with the German Empire drove him to gather great scientific minds to develop weapons to defeat any army. Many startling and still secret discoveries took place at the Institute.

Mr. Mesta has been most convincing as to the veracity of the breakthroughs made there. One might think he was witness to the remarkable spectacle of Dr. Hawley Griffin appearing naked when his top-secret invisibility formula wore off, rather than having recounted the event based on his researches. As remarkable as Griffin's formula was however, had it not been for the most amazing machine created by Dr. Cavor, Martians may truly have been able to invade our planet. Earth is remarkably lucky that such an Institute existed when it did. Had it not, humanity would surely not exist as we know it today.

Also fortuitous for humanity was the clarity of vision and unshakable beliefs of Mr. Percival Lowell. Had he not held stubbornly to his researches of the canals of Mars, Earth would have had no warning of what was being planned on the malevolent, red planet named so aptly for a god of war. That he chanced to meet the unsavory Dr. Moreau during his researches was crucially important for humanity. Their association was most certainly distasteful to Lowell's cultivated sensibilities, but together their efforts resulted in invaluable information at a most vital time for humanity. Dr. Moreau's unpalatable techniques were as important to the saving of our planet as was the serendipity that cast Wells and his companions on their momentous journey to forestall an interplanetary invasion.

Gabriel Mesta has brought these famous people to life in a most dramatic and sincere manner. I have no doubt you will believe you are in the lecture theater listening to T. H. Huxley as you read his words as crafted by Mr. Mesta. So to will you come to know H.G. Wells as a man of courage and tenderness, while watching him confront strange beings and protect his beloved Jane from danger. Lowell, too, you will understand much better thanks to the carefully wrought description delivered by the author.

I shall not reveal here the truth of our encounter with the Martians. I encourage you, dear reader, to purchase Gabriel Mesta's The Martian War and decide for yourself if you prefer the original tale offered by Mr. Wells, or this revelation of the facts as researched by Gabriel Mesta. Even if you discount this book in favor of the fiction created in "The War of the Worlds," you will find yourself greatly entertained by Gabriel Mesta's account of The Martian War.
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