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White Wolf, by David Gemmell
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Ballantine
Published: 2003
Review Posted: 12/31/2004
Reviewer Rating:
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

White Wolf, by David Gemmell

Book Review by Lynn Nicole Louis

Have you read this book?

It has been some time -- a couple of months at least -- since I last wrote a review. Not for lack of reading, though I have slowed down somewhat of late to about half my normal pace. With some recent life changes, and just the general, daily tasks that don't go away, I just haven't made time to sit down, read a review book, and write a review.

I'm sure Dave is anxious to see if I'll get back into the swing of things. He constantly reminds me of the stacks (and stacks and stacks) of book he has needing an SFReader review. He even mentioned that he had posted notice on his site that SFReader was closed to review book submissions until he had caught up. Hopefully, as the New Year settles in and things return to a more regimented state, I'll be able to help him out.

White Wolf wasn't a submitted book (sorry Dave!), but here's a review nonetheless.

David Gemmell remains in my 'will read' category. When I see a new book by him, you can be sure it goes into my stack. I was pleased recently when I saw White Wolf on the shelves of the local B&N. I'm to the point now where it can be difficult to figure out if I've read the book; Gemmell often comes out with books containing new adventures of characters he's already written about. Once or twice I picked up one of his books, only to get about 30 pages into it and realize I'd already read it.

One of the characters in White Wolf is Druss, the subject of Druss the Legend (and maybe one or two other books whose titles I can't recall). Gemmell also introduces us to Skilgannon, a warrior of unsurpassed skill who wields the mythic Swords of Day and Night, forged for him by a witch who is more enemy than friend.

Both Druss and Skilgannon are typical Gemmell characters. Druss is an aged veteran of numerous wars, a simple man of prodigious strength and simple needs who has accepted his role in life and has found peace with it. Skilgannon, despite his skills, seeks nothing more than peace and isolation. He is hunted by a woman he once loved and seeks a way to bring back to life a woman he should have loved. He has tried to give up his violent ways, but events and human nature conspire against him.

Druss and Skilgannon, together with a few companions, make their way across a war torn land, attacked by Joinings -- melding of men and beast -- on their way to a final confrontation with an old enemy.

As with most of Gemmell's books, there's plenty of action and adventure. To Gemmell, heroism doesn't lie in great men doing great deeds, but in normal men fighting past fear to find the courage to do what is right. He takes stereotypical characters -- the warrior past his prime, the killer who hates killing, the orphaned child who idolizes both -- and breaths life into them.

If you think you'd enjoy an energetic mix of sword and sorcery and adventure fantasy, I can highly recommend White Wolf.
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