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    Author / Title Rating Genre Reviewed By Date of Review
    Jane's Game, by Mike Philbin
      Horror Ray Wallace 11/12/2007
    Janna Fangfingers, by Jim McPherson
      Dark Fantasy Claire Nash 8/13/2013
    Jared's Little Playground, by Edward Petty
      Horror Phillip A. Ellis 8/7/2005
    Jennifer Government, by Max Barry
      Science Fiction Ray Wallace 2/25/2004
    Jericho Moon, by Matthew Woodring Stover
      Fantasy Heather Hunt 2/25/2003
    Jesse Jameson & the Curse of Caldazar, by Sean Wright
      Science Fiction S. Fazekas 6/1/2005
    Jhereg, by Steven Brust
      Fantasy David Hart 8/10/2003
    Jigsaw Nation, edited by Edward J. McFadden III, E. Sedia
      Science Fiction Anthology Paul Abbamondi 10/31/2006
    JLA: Exterminators, by Christopher Golden
      Superhero Fraser Ronald 12/15/2004
    John Silence, Physician Extraordinary, by Algernon Blackwood
      Horror Anthology Paul Goat Allen 1/19/2003
    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, by Susanna Clarke
      Alternate History Phillip A. Ellis 9/21/2006
    Journey to Kumbooda, by Paul Buchheit
      Science Fiction Lynn Nicole Louis 5/2/2002
    Judas Unchained, by Peter F. Hamilton
      Science Fiction David Hart 3/21/2007
    Judgment, by Wade Hunter
      Horror Ray Wallace 2/25/2004
    Jump Start, by Gary Carter
      Science Fiction S. Fazekas 2/29/2004
    Jupiter, by Ben Bova
      Science Fiction Paul Weiss 2/22/2010
    Just One Bite : A Dead-End-Dating Novel, by Kimberly Raye
      Fantasy Kelly A. Harmon 7/27/2009
    Kindred Spirit, by John Passarella
      Horror C. Dennis Moore 11/27/2007
    King Kelson's Bride, by Katherine Kurtz
      Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 8/10/2015
    King Kong, by Christopher Golden
      Science Fiction C. Dennis Moore 8/6/2007
    King Kong: The Island of the Skull, by Matthew Costello
      Science Fiction C. Dennis Moore 8/6/2007
    King Rat, by China Mieville
      Modern/Urban Fantasy James Michael White 9/29/2003
    King's Property, by Morgan Howell
      Fantasy David Roy 10/16/2007
    Kiss The Girls, by James Patterson
      Thriller/Suspense Jeff Edwards 9/28/2006
    Kissing Carrion, by Gemma Files
      Horror Anthology Ray Wallace 3/8/2004
    Kitty and the Midnight Hour, by Carrie Vaughn
      Dark Fantasy C. Dennis Moore 11/8/2006
    Kitty and the Silver Bullet, by Carrie Vaughn
      Dark Fantasy Jennifer Hairfield 3/4/2008
    Komarr, by Lois McMaster Bujold
      Science Fiction Aaron M. Renn 6/18/2002
    Kop, by Warren Hammond
      Science Fiction Joshua Palmatier 6/15/2013
    Labyrinth of Evil, by James Luceno
      Star Wars David Roy 3/18/2008
    Lady of the Lakes, by J. C. Hall
      Fantasy Lynn Nicole Louis 3/25/2004
    Lantern Road, by John Argo
      Mixed Genre Anthology David Hart 10/20/2003
    Last Argument of Kings, by Joe Abercrombie
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 2/8/2009
    Last Sons, by Alan Grant
      Science Fiction C. Dennis Moore 9/18/2006
    Late Eclipses, by Seanan McGuire
      Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 8/25/2013
    Law of Survival, by Kristine Smith
      Science Fiction Aaron M. Renn 6/24/2002
    Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula LeGuin
      Science Fiction Paul S. Jenkins 3/20/2002
    Left Horse Black, by S. J. Reisner
      Fantasy Hillary Smythe 7/30/2005
    Liavek, edited by Will Shetterly
      Fantasy Anthology David Hart 4/2/2003
    Life among the Dream Merchants, by Kurt Newton
      Poetry Phillip A. Ellis 9/21/2006
    Life Expectancy, by Dean Koontz
      Horror James Michael White 3/9/2007
    Life is but a Dream, by David Earle
      Science Fiction Bill Johnson 5/21/2014
    Life on Nubis, by Robert Harken
      Science Fiction Bill Johnson 6/27/2014
    Lightbreaker (Codex of Souls, by Mark Teppo
      Science Fiction K. A. Severson 1/9/2010
    Like Light for Flies, by Lee Thomas
      Horror Bill Johnson 10/6/2014
    Lion's Blood, by Steven Barnes
      Alternate History Fraser Ronald 3/4/2002
    Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow
      YA Science Fiction Adam P. Knave 3/31/2008
    Lock In, by John Scalzi
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 11/14/2015
    Long Hot Summoning, by Tanya Huff
      Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 1/21/2014
    Looking Glass Book 1: Into the Looking Glass, by John Ringo
      Military Science Fiction Steven Sawicki 9/21/2006
    Lord of Emperors, by Guy Gavriel Kay
      Fantasy David Hart 2/2/2003
    Lord of Homicides, by Dennis Latham
      Fantasy David M. Pitchford 11/27/2007
    Lord of Light, by Roger Zelazny
      Science Fiction Jonathan M. Sullivan 1/18/2002
    Lord of Swords, edited by Daniel E. Blackston
      Fantasy David A. Olson 6/23/2005
    Lord of the Fire Lands, by Dave Duncan
      Fantasy Fraser Ronald 1/2/2003
    Lord Tophet, by Gregory Frost
      Fantasy Rebecca Mooneyham 3/29/2009
    Lords of Harambee, by Mark Jacobsen
      Science Fiction Bill Johnson 7/11/2014
    Lords of the North, by Bernard Cornwell
      Alternate History Alex Telander 1/30/2009
    Lost Covenant, by Ari Marmell
      Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 5/7/2014
    Lovecraft's New York Circle, edited by S. T. Joshi, Mara Kirk Hart
      Non-Fiction Phillip A. Ellis 12/6/2006
    Lucifer's Hammer, by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle
      Science Fiction Paul Weiss 2/8/2009
    Lucky Bastard, by S.G. Browne
      Modern/Urban Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 5/27/2013
    Machinations, by Hayley Stone
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 7/26/2016
    Mad Ship, by Robin Hobb
      Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 7/1/2013
    Madmen's Dreams, by Eric S. Brown, D. Richard Pearce
      Mixed Genre Anthology Susie Hawes 6/7/2005
    Madonna of the Dark, by Elaine Moore
      Horror Paul Kane 6/12/2002
    Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet, by Charlie N. Holmberg
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 7/5/2016
    Magic for Hire, by Alex Greene
      YA Fantasy David A. Olson 7/18/2005
    Magic Street, by Orson Scott Card
      Modern/Urban Fantasy Teresa Baker 9/21/2006
    Magic Terror: 7 Tales, by Peter Straub
      Horror Anthology Paul Kane 6/7/2002
    Magistria: Realm of the Sorcerer, edited by G.W. Thomas
      Fantasy David A. Olson 6/18/2005
    Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way, by Bruce Campbell
      Humor Jack Mangan 8/2/2005
    Maledicte, by Lane Robins
      Fantasy Amy Sisson 8/8/2009
    Mall of Cthulhu, by Seamus Cooper
      Dark Fantasy Trudy Myers 6/6/2013
    Mandibles, by Jeff Strand
      Science Fiction Ray Wallace 10/23/2003
    Manitou Blood, by Graham Masterton
      Horror Benjamin Boulden 10/19/2005
    Marigolds In The Snow, by Bobbi Sinha-Morey
      Poetry Phillip A. Ellis 9/21/2006
    Marked: Book 1 of The Soulseer Chronicles, by Sue Tingey
      Dark Fantasy SJ Higbee 11/27/2015
    Marrow, by Robert Reed
      Science Fiction Jonathan M. Sullivan 1/25/2002
    Mars Crossing, by Geoffrey A. Landis
      Science Fiction Jonathan M. Sullivan 1/14/2002
    Marseguro, by Edward Willett
      Science Fiction Joshua Palmatier 9/17/2013
    Marvel Zombies: The Covers, edited by Stan Lee
      Superhero Michael D. Griffiths 11/28/2015
    Masques V, edited by J. N. Williamson, Gary A. Braunbeck
      Horror Anthology Ray Wallace 1/21/2007
    Master Minds, edited by Julianna Rew
      Science Fiction Anthology Jeremy D. Carr 12/2/2014
    Master of the White Worms, by Paul Kane
      Mixed Genre Collection Benjamin Boulden 9/21/2006
    Maternal Instinct, by J. F. Gonzalez
      Horror Anthology Ray Wallace 11/21/2002
    Mayhem, by Sarah Pinborough
      Horror Michael D. Griffiths 1/10/2014
    Memoir of the Masses, by Leon Mintz
      Horror C. Dennis Moore 11/12/2007
    Memoirs of a Spacewoman, by Naomi Mitchison
      Science Fiction Anna Potts 6/7/2008
    Memoirs of a Vampire Hunter, by Peter Allchin
      Horror David L. Felts 10/18/2009
    Memoria, by Adam Pepper
      Horror Paul Goat Allen 1/27/2004
    Memories of Ice, by Steven Erikson
      Fantasy Howard von Darkmoor 4/14/2008
    Mendoza in Hollywood, by Kage Baker
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 12/15/2008
    Merilynn, by Tamara Thorne
      Horror Mark Deniz 6/27/2007
    Metal Swarm, by Kevin J. Anderson
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 9/1/2008
    Metropolitan, by Walter Jon Williams
      Science Fiction David Hart 4/5/2003
    Midlisters, by Kealan Patrick Burke
      Horror Adrienne Jones 8/26/2007
    Midnight Blue-Light Special, by Seanan McGuire
      Paranormal/Supernatural Joshua Palmatier 5/24/2014
    Midnight Falcon, by David Gemmell
      Fantasy Fraser Ronald 11/22/2002
    Midnight Never Come , by Marie Brennan
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 3/30/2010

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