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Search by Author Name Results for "Jennifer Brozek"
Showing 2 Results
Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, edited by Jennifer Brozek
Close Encounters of the Urban Kind-Jennifer Brozek cover pic

Mixed Genre Anthology
Reviewed by Joshua Palmatier
Reader Rating: Not Rated
Grants Pass, edited by Jennifer Brozek
Grants Pass-Jennifer Brozek cover pic

Reviewed by Ann Wilkes
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
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Play Dead-by Michael A. Arnzen
Play Dead

by Michael A. Arnzen
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Troder, by David L. Felts
Troder, by David L. Felts
Dalsala Den, by Mike Griffiths
Dalsala Den, by Mike Griffiths
amazon kindle books by david l. felts
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