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Death's Daughter, by Amber Benson
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Ace
Published: 2009
Review Posted: 6/29/2009
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Reader Rating: Not Rated

Death's Daughter, by Amber Benson

Book Review by Rebecca Mooneyham

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I recently finished reading Death's Daughter by Amber Benson. I had chosen to read this because the description of the book really caught my attention. It sounded like an interesting premise and the tone was fun; however, I wondered how good the book would actually be. The author is probably most widely recognized from her role as Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and while both acting and writing require creativity, being creative in one medium does not necessarily guarantee creativity in another. So I started the book with a critical bias.

Death's Daughter stars Calliope Reaper-Jones, a young woman who wants nothing more than to live in New York, work a normal job, go clothes shopping, and live an uncomplicated human life. She's chosen to live with a Forgetting Charm that she's put on herself in order to forget her most extraordinary family. Unfortunately, Calliope's father has been kidnapped, and Calliope has been forced to remember who her family is so that she can take over her father's job as Death. She has to complete three complicated tasks in order to prove that she is worthy to take the job. Finding out who kidnapped her father and why also complicates things.

I liked the tasks that Calliope had to complete. It had the feel of fairy tales or stories from Greek mythology in which the hero was given seemingly insurmountable tasks to accomplish in order to get something he wanted or needed. She is sarcastic and funny and pretty much has no clue what she needs to do to complete her tasks. But like the heroes from the tales, Calliope often finds help from unlikely sources.

So I started the book with a critical bias based on who the author is, and I finished it totally convinced that not only can Amber Benson act but she can also write. I did a little research on the Internet and discovered that she has co-written several other books, she has directed film, and she has her own production company. I am very impressed with this talented and busy woman! Aside from all of that, Death's Daughter was a completely fun book, and I hope that Amber continues to write more Calliope Reaper-Jones books.

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Death's Daughter, by Amber Benson on Amazon

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