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    Author / Title Rating Genre Reviewed By Date of Review
    Black Evening, by David Morrell
      Dark Fantasy Benjamin Boulden 9/18/2005
    Black Tattoo, by Sam Enthoven
      YA Fantasy Jennifer Hairfield 10/8/2008
    Blackout, by Mira Grant
      Science Fiction Joshua Palmatier 8/12/2013
    Blade of Tyshalle, by Matthew Woodring Stover
      Fantasy Lynn Nicole Louis 6/29/2002
    Blades of the Old Empire, by Anna Kashina
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 1/4/2016
    Blankety Blank, by D. Harlan Wilson
      Horror Ray Wallace 11/25/2008
    Blindsight, by Peter Watts
      Science Fiction Steven Sawicki 3/9/2007
    Blood Dawn, by Janrae Frank
      Horror Susie Hawes 6/23/2005
    Blood Electric, by Kenji Siratori No Stars!
      Science Fiction C. Dennis Moore 9/18/2006
    Blood Heresy, by Janrae Frank
      Horror Susie Hawes 6/18/2005
    Blood Knight, by Greg Keyes
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 5/15/2008
    Blood of Winterhold, by Stephen Almekinder
      Fantasy Lisa DuMond 11/1/2002
    Blood Paladin, by Janrae Frank
      Dark Fantasy Susie Hawes 10/28/2005
    Blood Rites, by Janrae Frank
      Dark Fantasy Susie Hawes 6/1/2005
    Blood Rites, by Jim Butcher
      Modern/Urban Fantasy Kate Savage 9/22/2004
    Blood Tide, by Brian Burt
      Science Fiction Michael D. Griffiths 6/30/2016
    Blood Wraiths, by Janrae Frank
      Dark Fantasy Susie Hawes 9/30/2005
    Bloom, by Wil McCarthy
      Science Fiction Jonathan M. Sullivan 1/15/2002
    Blue Limbo - A Mitch Helwig Book, by Terence M. Green
      Science Fiction Paul Weiss 6/11/2013
    Blue Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson
      Science Fiction Richard R. Horton 4/16/2002
    Boarding the Enterprise, edited by David Gerrold, Robert Sawyer
      Star Trek Heather Hunt 1/16/2008
    Bondage: Tales of Obsession, edited by Tyree Campbell
      Mixed Genre Anthology David A. Olson 11/16/2006
    Bones of the Earth, by Michael Swanwick
      Science Fiction Richard R. Horton 8/20/2002
    Bones of the World, edited by Bruce Holland Rogers
      Mixed Genre Anthology David L. Felts 11/24/2001
    Book of the Dead, Not Dead Yet, edited by Anthony Giangregorio
      Zombies Michael D. Griffiths 10/13/2013
    Book Review: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1, by Alan Moore
      Fantasy Paul Weiss 7/1/2013
    Books of Blood: Vol 1, by Clive Barker
      Horror Anthology Jeff Edwards 2/13/2005
    Books of Blood: Vol 2, by Clive Barker
      Horror Anthology Jeff Edwards 7/30/2005
    Books of Blood: Vol 3, by Clive Barker
      Horror Anthology Jeff Edwards 10/19/2006
    Boondocks Fantasy, edited by Martin H. Greenberg
      Fantasy Anthology Joshua Palmatier 8/6/2013
    Borders of Inifinity, by Lois McMaster Bujold
      Science Fiction Aaron M. Renn 7/4/2002
    Born of Shadows - Book 4 of The League series, by Sherrilyn Kenyon
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 5/31/2013
    Born to Run, by Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon
      Modern/Urban Fantasy David Hart 2/22/2003
    Boundary, by Eric Flint, Ryk Spoor
      Science Fiction Steven Sawicki 9/21/2006
    Brain Wave, by Poul Anderson
      Science Fiction J Y Saville 4/14/2009
    Breaking the Time Barrier, by Jenny Randles
      Non-Fiction David L. Felts 5/23/2005
    Breathe, by Sarah Crossan
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 10/28/2015
    Breed, by K.T. Davies
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 11/7/2014
    Brendell, Apprentice Thief, by Patrick Welch
      Fantasy Anthology Fraser Ronald 3/11/2002
    Briarpatch, by Tim Pratt
      Modern/Urban Fantasy Michael D. Griffiths 7/23/2013
    Bridge of Birds, by Barry Hughart
      Fantasy Richard R. Horton 2/9/2002
    Brightness Reef, by David Brin
      Science Fiction Richard R. Horton 2/7/2002
    Broken Hero, by Jonathan Wood
      Dark Fantasy Michael D. Griffiths 4/19/2016
    Brother John, by Rutledge Etheridge
      Science Fiction David L. Felts 5/12/2004
    Brothers In Arms, by Ben Weaver
      Science Fiction Bluejack 10/9/2002
    Buffalo Jake and the Last Animal Crusade, by Joe Trojan
      Fantasy Lynn Nicole Louis 6/5/2003
    Burndive, by Karin Lowachee
      Science Fiction Lisa DuMond 11/26/2003
    Burning Chrome, by William Gibson
      Science Fiction Jack Mangan 8/11/2005
    Burnt Tongues, edited by Chuck Palahniuk
      Horror Anthology Jeremy D. Carr 1/15/2015
    Butcher Shop Quartet, edited by Frank J. Hutton
      Horror Anthology James Michael White 2/10/2007
    Candle Bay, by Tamara Thorne
      Horror William D. Gagliani 8/10/2002
    Captain's Blood, by William Shatner
      Star Trek Jeff Edwards 7/15/2004
    Captain's Peril, by William Shatner
      Star Trek Lynn Nicole Louis 6/3/2004
    Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer , by Julie Kenner
      Modern/Urban Fantasy Susie Hawes 6/12/2005
    Carrie, by Stephen King
      Horror Jeff Edwards 7/7/2004
    Cast of Shadows, by Kevin Guilfoile
      Science Fiction Adrienne Jones 8/19/2005
    Castaway on Temurlone, by David Wesley Hill
      Science Fiction Joshua Palmatier 10/12/2013
    Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins
      Science Fiction Joshua Palmatier 9/24/2013
    Cell, by Stephen King
      Horror C. Dennis Moore 9/18/2006
    Central Station, by Lavie Tidhar
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 5/12/2016
    Century One, by Richard S. Conde
      Science Fiction Heather Hunt 10/6/2004
    Cetaganda, by Lois McMaster Bujold
      Science Fiction Richard R. Horton 1/24/2002
    Changeling, by Delia Sherman
      YA Fantasy Jennifer Hairfield 3/31/2008
    Changelings, by Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
      Fantasy Phillip A. Ellis 9/21/2006
    Changelings Book 1: Dragons and Demons, by James A. McVean
      YA Fantasy Howard von Darkmoor 2/1/2007
    Charisma, by Steven Barnes
      Science Fiction Lynn Nicole Louis 8/18/2003
    Chasing Elvis, by Glenn P. Marcel
      Science Fiction Benjamin Boulden 5/29/2007
    Chasing the Roswell Alien, by Glenn Marcel
      Science Fiction Benjamin Boulden 10/14/2006
    Chasm City, by Alastair Reynolds
      Science Fiction Lalith Vipulananthan 4/26/2002
    Child of Fire, by Harry Connolly
      Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 6/12/2013
    Child of the River, by Paul J. McAuley
      Science Fiction Paul S. Jenkins 3/27/2002
    Children of Time, by Adrian Tchaikovsky
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 7/27/2015
    Chilling Tales: Evil Did I Dwell: Lewd I Did Live, edited by Edited By Michael Kelly
      Horror Anthology Michael D. Griffiths 9/14/2013
    Chimera, by Will Shetterly
      Science Fiction Richard R. Horton 4/19/2002
    Chimes at Midnight, by Seanan McGuire
      Modern/Urban Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 7/24/2014
    Choice of the Cat, by E. E. Knight
      Science Fiction Lynn Nicole Louis 6/17/2004
    Chronospace, by Allen Steele
      Science Fiction Paul Weiss 6/2/2009
    Cinder, by Marissa Meyer
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 4/17/2016
    Cities of the Red Night, by William S. Burroughs
      Science Fiction James Michael White 9/18/2006
    City Infernal, by Edward Lee
      Horror Lynn Nicole Louis 5/21/2002
    City of the Lost, by Stephen Blackmoore
      Dark Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 10/9/2013
    City of the Lost, by Kelley Armstrong
      Thriller/Suspense SJ Higbee 6/27/2016
    City on Fire, by Walter Jon Williams
      Science Fiction David Hart 4/5/2003
    Clan Daughter, by Morgan Howell
      Fantasy David Roy 3/4/2008
    Classics and Contemporaries: Some Notes on Horror Fiction, by S. T. Joshi
      Horror Phillip A. Ellis 7/13/2009
    Claws and Saucers, by David Elroy Goldweber
      Non-Fiction Michael D. Griffiths 9/4/2013
    Click or Treat! The Best of Halloween and Horror on the Internet, by Rich Gray
      Children Horror Paul Goat Allen 4/11/2005
    Clone Hunter, by Stephen W. Scott
      Science Fiction Lynn Nicole Louis 4/29/2004
    Cloning Christ, by Peter Senese, Robert Geis
      Science Fiction Heather Hunt 4/12/2003
    Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, edited by Jennifer Brozek
      Mixed Genre Anthology Joshua Palmatier 6/23/2013
    Cloud Cuckoo Land, by Steven Sivell
      Science Fiction Steve Davidson 7/9/2008
    Clowns Of Terror: An Evil Anthology, edited by Anthony Giangregorio
      Horror Jeremy D. Carr 11/2/2014
    Code Name, Jack Rabbit, by Elizabeth Noble
      Vampires Michael D. Griffiths 7/15/2016
    Code Noir, by Marianne de Pierres
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 7/2/2013
    Code of Conduct, by Kristine Smith
      Science Fiction Aaron M. Renn 6/18/2002
    Coffeebean Café, by April May Rollins
      Science Fiction Susie Hawes 5/11/2005
    Cold House, by T. M. Wright
      Dark Fantasy Ray Wallace 8/1/2004
    Coldheart Canyon, by Clive Barker
      Dark Fantasy Paul Kane 5/3/2002
    Come Out Tonight, by Richard Laymon
      Horror Paul Kane 7/20/2002
    Conan and the Emerald Lotus, by John C. Hocking
      Sword & Sorcery Kevin Lumley 9/23/2009

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