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    Author / Title Rating Genre Reviewed By Date of Review
    Dragon Weather, by Lawrence Watt-Evans
      Fantasy Aaron M. Renn 6/18/2002
    Dragonfly, by Frederic S. Durbin
      Horror Gabe Dybing 9/21/2006
    Dragon's Ring, by Dave Freer
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 6/19/2013
    Dragonsblood, by Todd McCaffrey
      Fantasy Susie Hawes 10/7/2005
    Dread Empire's Fall: The Praxis, by Walter Jon Williams
      Science Fiction Lisa DuMond 1/12/2004
    Dreamcatcher, by Stephen King
      Science Fiction Lynn Nicole Louis 6/12/2002
    Dreamers, by Christian R. Bonawandt
      Fantasy Jeff Edwards 8/20/2004
    Dreams of the Sea, by Elisabeth Vonarburg
      Science Fiction Matt Hughes 2/2/2004
    Dreamthief's Daughter, by Michael Moorcock
      Fantasy S C Bryce 10/19/2005
    Dreamwish Beasts and Snarks, by Michael Resnick
      Mixed Genre Collection Paul Weiss 6/27/2013
    Drifter's Run, by William C. Dietz
      Science Fiction David L. Felts 3/9/2015
    DS9: Hollow Men, by Una McCormack
      Star Trek Jason Garza 1/21/2007
    DS9: Left Hand of Destiny, Book 1, by Jeffrey Lang, J. G. Hertzler
      Star Trek Fraser Ronald 10/27/2003
    DS9: Left Hand of Destiny, Book 2, by Jeffrey Lang, J. G. Hertzler
      Star Trek Fraser Ronald 10/27/2003
    DS9: Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers, by James Swallow
      Star Trek David Roy 10/8/2008
    DS9: Unity, by S. D. Perry
      Star Trek Fraser Ronald 8/9/2004
    DS9: Warpath, by David Mack
      Star Trek Jason Garza 2/18/2007
    DS9: Worlds of, Cardassia and Andor, by Una McCormack, Heather Jarman
      Star Trek Jason Garza 11/23/2006
    DS9: Worlds of, The Dominion and Ferenginar, Vol. , by Keith R.A. DeCandido, David R. George
      Star Trek Jason Garza 11/23/2006
    DS9: Worlds of, Trill and Bajor, Vol. 2, by Mangels and Martin, J. Noah Kym
      Star Trek Jason Garza 11/23/2006
    Duke Elric (Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melniboné, Vol. 4), by Michael Moorcock
      Fantasy Christopher Heath 5/15/2009
    Duke of Uranium, by John Barnes
      Science Fiction Fraser Ronald 1/5/2004
    Duma Key, by Stephen King
      Horror C. Dennis Moore 3/4/2008
    Dune, by Frank Herbert
      Science Fiction David L. Felts 6/27/2016
    Dune, by Frank Herbert
      Science Fiction Aaron M. Renn 4/3/2002
    Duskfall, by Christopher Husberg
      Fantasy Michael D. Griffiths 4/27/2016
    Dying to Live, by Kim Paffenroth
      Horror Ray Wallace 4/14/2008
    Earth Abides, by George R. Stewart
      Science Fiction Benjamin Boulden 6/16/2007
    Eater, by Gregory Benford
      Science Fiction Jonathan M. Sullivan 1/16/2002
    Ebb Tides, by Mary Soon Lee
      Science Fiction Anthology James Michael White 10/24/2002
    Echoes of the Great Song, by David Gemmell
      Fantasy Lynn Nicole Louis 4/6/2004
    Ecko Rising, by Danie Ware
      Fantasy Michael D. Griffiths 7/28/2014
    Eden, by Martin Roy Hill
      Science Fiction Allen Stein 10/26/2015
    EDEN, by Ken Wisman
      Science Fiction Ray Wallace 9/20/2004
    Egg of the Damned, by April French
      Fantasy David A. Olson 9/18/2006
    Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson
      Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 6/25/2015
    Elisha Barber, by E.C. Ambrose
      Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 11/13/2013
    Elric at the End of Time, by Michael Moorcock
      Non-Fiction S C Bryce 9/10/2005
    Elric of Melnibone, by Michael Moorcock
      Fantasy S C Bryce 9/21/2006
    Elric: Stealer of Souls, by Michael Moorcock
      Fantasy Adam P. Knave 3/4/2008
    Ema and the Werewolves, by Jane Austin
      Fantasy Susie Hawes 6/9/2013
    Embassytown, by China Mieville
      Science Fiction SJ Higbee 7/31/2015
    Embracing the Starlight, by Dave Smeds
      Mixed Genre Anthology Fraser Ronald 10/24/2002
    Empire in Black and Gold, by Adrian Tchaikovsky
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 4/19/2009
    Empire of Dust, by Jacey Bedford
      Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 4/23/2015
    Empress Game, by Ronda Mason
      Science Fiction Michael D. Griffiths 9/12/2015
    Ender in Exile, by Orson Scott Card
      Science Fiction Lyndon Perry 11/24/2008
    Ender's Shadow, by Orson Scott Card
      Science Fiction Burt Smith 2/12/2003
    Ending an Ending, by Danny Birt
      Fantasy Phillip A. Ellis 2/22/2010
    Endymion, by Dan Simmons
      Science Fiction Benjamin Abbott 2/3/2009
    Engaging the Enemy, by Elizabeth Moon
      Military Science Fiction Steven Sawicki 9/21/2006
    Enterprise: Daedalus, by David Stern
      Star Trek David L. Felts 9/27/2004
    Enterprise: Daedalus's Children, by David Stern
      Star Trek David L. Felts 9/29/2004
    Enterprise: Shockwave, by Paul Ruditis
      Star Trek C. Dennis Moore 11/8/2006
    Enterprise: The Expanse, by J. M. Dillard
      Star Trek C. Dennis Moore 1/21/2007
    Enterprise: The Good that Men Do, by Michael A. Martin
      Star Trek David Roy 8/6/2007
    Equilibrium Overturned, edited by Anthony Rivera
      Horror Anthology Michael D. Griffiths 3/14/2015
    Escapology, by Ren Warom
      Cyberpunk Michael D. Griffiths 8/10/2016
    Essential Saltes: An Experiment, by Don Webb
      Fantasy Richard R. Horton 1/9/2002
    Essential SF: A Concise Guide, by Jonathan Cowie, Tony Chester
      Non-Fiction David A. Olson 7/21/2005
    Etched City, by K. J. Bishop
      Science Fiction Sheri Fresonke Harper 11/16/2006
    Eternal Aftermath, by Michael D. Griffiths
      Zombies SJ Higbee 10/13/2013
    Eternally Yours: Illustrated Stories of Eternal Ro, by Janet Hetherington
      Horror Lisa DuMond 1/30/2002
    Ethan Ranger and the Eater of Souls, by Daniel Sanders
      Fantasy Jeff Edwards 12/6/2007
    Eutopia, by David Nickel
      Dark Fantasy Michael D. Griffiths 8/11/2013
    Eve, by Aurelio O'Brien
      Science Fiction Adrienne Jones 4/3/2005
    Eve, by Tamara Thorne
      Horror Mark Deniz 1/21/2007
    Even White Trash Zombies get the Blues, by Diana Rowland
      Humor Joshua Palmatier 9/1/2013
    Everquest: The Rogue's Hour, by Scott Ciencin
      Fantasy Adrienne Jones 4/12/2005
    Every Shallow Cut, by Tom Piccirilli
      Horror Michael D. Griffiths 10/13/2013
    Everybody Scream!, by Jeffrey Thomas
      Horror Paul Goat Allen 2/22/2005
    Everything's Eventual, by Stephen King
      Horror Anthology Jeff Edwards 7/18/2005
    Evilution, by Shaun Jeffrey
      Horror Lynn Nicole Louis 7/15/2003
    Ex Cathedra, by Rebecca Maines
      Mixed Genre Anthology Sheri Fresonke Harper 2/10/2007
    Ex Kop, by Warren Hammond
      Science Fiction Joshua Palmatier 6/15/2013
    Excelsior: Forged in Fire, by Michael A. Martin, Andy Mangels
      Star Trek David Roy 3/18/2008
    Eyes Everywhere, by Matthew Warner
      Horror Benjamin Boulden 4/26/2007
    Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull
      YA Fantasy Howard von Darkmoor 4/26/2007
    Factoring Humanity, by Robert J. Sawyer
      Science Fiction Aaron M. Renn 9/28/2002
    Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury
      Science Fiction Tim Deland 7/7/2004
    Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury
      Science Fiction Sara Lunsford 6/4/2004
    Fairy Brewhaha at the Lucky Nickel Saloon, by Ken Rand
      Fantasy Lynn Nicole Louis 4/5/2005
    Faith Awakened, by Grace Bridges
      Science Fiction Lyndon Perry 5/15/2008
    Fallen Dragon, by Peter F. Hamilton
      Science Fiction William Shaw 5/28/2004
    Fallen Host, by Lyda Morehouse
      Modern/Urban Fantasy Lisa DuMond 9/18/2003
    Falling Angel, by William Hjortsberg
      Horror James Michael White 10/3/2007
    False Covenant, by Ari Marmell
      YA Fantasy Joshua Palmatier 5/31/2013
    Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, by Warren Lapine
      Fantasy Anthology Edward F. McKeown 10/12/2013
    Fantasy Life, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
      Fantasy Ray Wallace 8/1/2004
    Fatherland, by Robert Harris
      Alternate History Jeff Edwards 7/25/2004
    Feast of Souls (Magister Trilogy, Book 1), by C. S. Friedman
      Fantasy SJ Higbee 7/3/2013
    Feed, by Mira Grant
      Horror Joshua Palmatier 6/14/2013
    Feersum Endjinn, by Iain M. Banks
      Science Fiction Richard R. Horton 1/3/2002
    Ffolkes' Medicine: The Adventures of Geoffery Armitage Ffolkes Begin, by B. R. Stateham
      Fantasy Paul Weiss 6/24/2013
    Fictitious Force, by Various Authors
      Magazine David A. Olson 1/13/2006
    Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk
      Dark Fantasy Louis Maistros 8/3/2002
    Fighting Down,, by Robin Wyatt Dunn
      Science Fiction Bill Johnson 9/11/2014
    Files Attached, by Rob Frisbee
      Science Fiction David Hart 11/5/2003
    Final Phase, by William Neven
      Science Fiction Heather Hunt 5/13/2003
    Finding Serenity, edited by Jane Espensen
      Non-Fiction Fraser Ronald 6/26/2005

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