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  Book and Author/Editor  Genre Rating
A Ghost Among Us-by Debora ElizaBeth Hill cover pic A Ghost Among Us
by Debora ElizaBeth Hill
Reviewed by Paul Goat Allen
Modern/Urban Fantasy No Stars!
Assassin's Vendetta-by J. R. Urie cover pic Assassin's Vendetta
by J. R. Urie
Reviewed by David Hart
Modern/Urban Fantasy No Stars!
Blood Electric-by Kenji Siratori cover pic Blood Electric
by Kenji Siratori
Reviewed by C. Dennis Moore
Science Fiction No Stars!
Ink-by Hal Duncan cover pic Ink
by Hal Duncan
Reviewed by James Michael White
Science Fiction No Stars!
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon-by Stephen King cover pic The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
by Stephen King
Reviewed by Vincent W. Sakowski
Horror No Stars!
The Malloreon Volume 1-by David Eddings cover pic The Malloreon Volume 1
by David Eddings
Reviewed by David A. Olson
Fantasy No Stars!
The Shadow God-by Aaron Rayburn cover pic The Shadow God
by Aaron Rayburn
Reviewed by C. Dennis Moore
Horror No Stars!

You are looking at books rated No Stars!