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  Book and Author/Editor  Genre Rating
The Copper Promise-by Jen Williams cover pic The Copper Promise
by Jen Williams
Reviewed by SJ Higbee
The Darkness That Comes Before-by R. Scott Bakker cover pic The Darkness That Comes Before
by R. Scott Bakker
Reviewed by Jeff Edwards
The Devil In Me-by Christopher Fowler cover pic The Devil In Me
by Christopher Fowler
Reviewed by Paul Kane
The Devil Inside-by Jenna Black cover pic The Devil Inside
by Jenna Black
Reviewed by David Roy
Dark Fantasy
The Doc and The Kid-by Mike Resnick cover pic The Doc and The Kid
by Mike Resnick
Reviewed by Michael D. Griffiths
Alternate History
The Dragon Engine-by Andy Remic cover pic The Dragon Engine
by Andy Remic
Reviewed by SJ Higbee
The Elves of Cintra-by Terry Brooks cover pic The Elves of Cintra
by Terry Brooks
Reviewed by Paul Weiss
The Essential Clive Barker-edited by Clive Barker cover pic The Essential Clive Barker
edited by Clive Barker
Reviewed by Paul Kane
Horror Anthology
The Evolution of the Weird Tale-by S. T. Joshi cover pic The Evolution of the Weird Tale
by S. T. Joshi
Reviewed by Phillip A. Ellis
The Exiled Prince, or The Archquisitors Tale-by Robert Reginald cover pic The Exiled Prince, or The Archquisitor's Tale
by Robert Reginald
Reviewed by Kate Savage
The Folklore of Discworld-by Terry Pratchett, Terry Pratchett cover pic The Folklore of Discworld
by Terry Pratchett, Terry Pratchett
Reviewed by Allen Stein
The Fortunate Fall-by Raphael Carter cover pic The Fortunate Fall
by Raphael Carter
Reviewed by Richard R. Horton
Science Fiction
The Fox-by Sherwood Smith cover pic The Fox
by Sherwood Smith
Reviewed by Joshua Palmatier
The Fuller Memorandum: Book 3 of The Laundry series-by Charles Stross cover pic The Fuller Memorandum: Book 3 of The Laundry series
by Charles Stross
Reviewed by S. J. Higbee
Science Fiction
The Galaxy Game-by Karen Lord cover pic The Galaxy Game
by Karen Lord
Reviewed by SJ Higbee
Science Fiction
The Green Temple-by Schelly Steelman cover pic The Green Temple
by Schelly Steelman
Reviewed by Susie Hawes
The Guin Saga-by Kaoru Kurimoto cover pic The Guin Saga
by Kaoru Kurimoto
Reviewed by James Michael White
The Halloween Tree-by Ray Bradbury cover pic The Halloween Tree
by Ray Bradbury
Reviewed by Alex Telander
Dark Fantasy
The Hour Before Dark-by Douglas Clegg cover pic The Hour Before Dark
by Douglas Clegg
Reviewed by William D. Gagliani
The Icebound Land (Rangers Apprentice, Book 3)-by John Flanagan cover pic The Icebound Land (Ranger's Apprentice, Book 3)
by John Flanagan
Reviewed by Scott Baird
Children Fantasy
The Iron Dream-by Norman Spinrad cover pic The Iron Dream
by Norman Spinrad
Reviewed by James Lecky
Science Fiction
The Lees of Laughters End-by Steven Erikson cover pic The Lees of Laughter's End
by Steven Erikson
Reviewed by Howard von Darkmoor
The Lies of Locke Lamora-by Scott Lynch cover pic The Lies of Locke Lamora
by Scott Lynch
Reviewed by K. Feete
The Man with the Iron Heart-by Harry Turtledove cover pic The Man with the Iron Heart
by Harry Turtledove
Reviewed by Sheri Fresonke Harper
Alternate History
The Map that Breathed-by Melanie Gideon cover pic The Map that Breathed
by Melanie Gideon
Reviewed by Lynn Nicole Louis
YA Fantasy
You are looking at books rated
1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100 | 101-125 | 126-150 | 151-175 | 176-188

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