The 2013 Story Contest Winners are finally posted!
First Place: Flame, by Desmond Warzel | Second place: Eros, by Taylor R. Genovese | Third Place: Reality Sucks, by Tori and Giulio Lisi
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  Book and Author/Editor  Genre Rating
King Rat-by China Mieville cover pic King Rat
by China Mieville
Reviewed by James Michael White
Modern/Urban Fantasy
Kissing Carrion-by Gemma Files cover pic Kissing Carrion
by Gemma Files
Reviewed by Ray Wallace
Horror Anthology
Kitty and the Silver Bullet-by Carrie Vaughn cover pic Kitty and the Silver Bullet
by Carrie Vaughn
Reviewed by Jennifer Hairfield
Dark Fantasy
Kop-by Warren Hammond cover pic Kop
by Warren Hammond
Reviewed by Joshua Palmatier
Science Fiction
Labyrinth of Evil-by James Luceno cover pic Labyrinth of Evil
by James Luceno
Reviewed by David Roy
Star Wars
Left Horse Black-by S. J. Reisner cover pic Left Horse Black
by S. J. Reisner
Reviewed by Hillary Smythe
Liavek-edited by Will Shetterly cover pic Liavek
edited by Will Shetterly
Reviewed by David Hart
Fantasy Anthology
Life on Nubis-by Robert Harken cover pic Life on Nubis
by Robert Harken
Reviewed by Bill Johnson
Science Fiction
Lord of the Fire Lands-by Dave Duncan cover pic Lord of the Fire Lands
by Dave Duncan
Reviewed by Fraser Ronald
Lord Tophet-by Gregory Frost cover pic Lord Tophet
by Gregory Frost
Reviewed by Rebecca Mooneyham
Madmen's Dreams-by Eric S. Brown, D. Richard Pearce cover pic Madmen's Dreams
by Eric S. Brown, D. Richard Pearce
Reviewed by Susie Hawes
Mixed Genre Anthology
Magic Street-by Orson Scott Card cover pic Magic Street
by Orson Scott Card
Reviewed by Teresa Baker
Modern/Urban Fantasy
Magistria: Realm of the Sorcerer-edited by G.W. Thomas cover pic Magistria: Realm of the Sorcerer
edited by G.W. Thomas
Reviewed by David A. Olson
Marrow-by Robert Reed cover pic Marrow
by Robert Reed
Reviewed by Jonathan M. Sullivan
Science Fiction
Maternal Instinct-by J. F. Gonzalez cover pic Maternal Instinct
by J. F. Gonzalez
Reviewed by Ray Wallace
Horror Anthology
Mayhem-by Sarah Pinborough cover pic Mayhem
by Sarah Pinborough
Reviewed by Michael D. Griffiths
Memoirs of a Spacewoman-by Naomi Mitchison cover pic Memoirs of a Spacewoman
by Naomi Mitchison
Reviewed by Anna Potts
Science Fiction
Memoirs of a Vampire Hunter-by Peter Allchin cover pic Memoirs of a Vampire Hunter
by Peter Allchin
Reviewed by David L. Felts
Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue -by Hugh Howey cover pic Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue
by Hugh Howey
Reviewed by Lyndon Perry
Science Fiction
Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 2: Lamplighter-by D. M. Cornish cover pic Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 2: Lamplighter
by D. M. Cornish
Reviewed by Megan J. Bulloch
YA Fantasy
More Than Kin-by Ty Johnston cover pic More Than Kin
by Ty Johnston
Reviewed by S. J. Higbee
Modern/Urban Fantasy
Mortals All-by Bruce Golden cover pic Mortals All
by Bruce Golden
Reviewed by Darlene Hoffman
Science Fiction
Mr X-by Peter Straub cover pic Mr X
by Peter Straub
Reviewed by Paul Kane
Natural Selection-by Dave Freedman cover pic Natural Selection
by Dave Freedman
Reviewed by Sheri Fresonke Harper
Science Fiction
Neverness-by David Zindell cover pic Neverness
by David Zindell
Reviewed by David Hart
Science Fiction
You are looking at books rated
1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100 | 101-125 | 126-150 | 151-175 | 176-200 | 201-225 | 226-250 | 251-275 | 276-300 | 301-325 | 326-350 | 351-375 | 376-400 | 401-424
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