Books Published in : 2001

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The Forests of Silence, by Emily Rodda
Reviewed by David A. Olson
Posted on 11/8/2006
YA Fantasy
The Glasswrights' Progress, by Mindy L. Klasky
Reviewed by Joshua Palmatier
Posted on 6/11/2013
The Kafka Effekt, by D. Harlan Wilson
Reviewed by James Michael White
Posted on 4/13/2002
Mixed Genre Anthology
The Museum of Horrors, edited by Dennis Etchison
Reviewed by William D. Gagliani
Posted on 8/10/2002
Horror Anthology
The Nameless Day, by Sara Douglas
Reviewed by Steven Sawicki
Posted on 9/21/2006
The Redemption of Althalus, by David Eddings, Leigh Eddings
Reviewed by Paul Weiss
Posted on 3/23/2009
The Shadow Out of Time: the Corrected Text, by H. P. Lovecraft
Reviewed by Phillip A. Ellis
Posted on 9/21/2006
The Thirteenth Scroll, by Rebecca Neason
Reviewed by Lisa DuMond
Posted on 12/11/2002
The Travelling Vampire Show, by Richard Laymon
Reviewed by Paul Kane
Posted on 5/13/2002
The Way of the Wolf, by E. E. Knight
Reviewed by Lynn Nicole Louis
Posted on 4/26/2002
Trysts: A Triskaidecollection of Queer and Weird S, by Steve Berman
Reviewed by James Michael White
Posted on 8/31/2002
Mixed Genre Anthology
Weaveworld, by Clive Barker
Reviewed by Alex Telander
Posted on 2/3/2009
Year's Best Fantasy, edited by David G. Hartwell
Reviewed by David L. Felts
Posted on 11/24/2001
Fantasy Anthology