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  Book and Author/Editor  Genre Rating
A Case of Conscience-by James Blish 10 cover pic A Case of Conscience
by James Blish
Science Fiction
A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire #2)-by George R. R. Martin 8 cover pic A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire #2)
by George R. R. Martin
A Dance For Emilia-by Peter S Beagle 8 cover pic A Dance For Emilia
by Peter S Beagle
Age of Wonders-edited by Jeffry Dwight 7 cover pic Age of Wonders
edited by Jeffry Dwight
Mixed Genre Anthology
Angel: Close to the Ground-by Jeff Mariotte 6 cover pic Angel: Close to the Ground
by Jeff Mariotte
TV Series Tie-in
Angel: Redemption-by Mel Odom 6 cover pic Angel: Redemption
by Mel Odom
TV Series Tie-in
Animist-by Eve Forward 7 cover pic Animist
by Eve Forward
Are You Loathsome Tonight-by Poppy Z. Brite 8 cover pic Are You Loathsome Tonight
by Poppy Z. Brite
As the Sun Goes Down-by Tim Lebbon 8 cover pic As the Sun Goes Down
by Tim Lebbon
Horror Anthology
Being Dead-by Jim Crace 10 cover pic Being Dead
by Jim Crace
Dark Fantasy
Best New Horror 11-edited by Stephen Jones 7 cover pic Best New Horror 11
edited by Stephen Jones
Horror Anthology
Beyond the Blue Moon-by Simon R. Green 7 cover pic Beyond the Blue Moon
by Simon R. Green
Black Evening-by David Morrell 8 cover pic Black Evening
by David Morrell
Dark Fantasy
Blood of Winterhold-by Stephen Almekinder 8 cover pic Blood of Winterhold
by Stephen Almekinder
Chimera-by Will Shetterly 6 cover pic Chimera
by Will Shetterly
Science Fiction
Damned if You Do-by Gordon Houghton 9 cover pic Damned if You Do
by Gordon Houghton
Dreamcatcher-by Stephen King 3 cover pic Dreamcatcher
by Stephen King
Science Fiction
Eater-by Gregory Benford 8 cover pic Eater
by Gregory Benford
Science Fiction
Flashforward-by Robert J. Sawyer 7 cover pic Flashforward
by Robert J. Sawyer
Science Fiction
Galveston-by Sean Stewart 9 cover pic Galveston
by Sean Stewart

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Installing Linux on a Dead Badger-by Lucy A. Snyder
Installing Linux on a Dead Badger

by Lucy A. Snyder
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troder: cyberpunk noir, writers of the future winner
Troder, by David L. Felts

Dalsala Den, by Mike Griffiths
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