C.L. Hernandez

 Horror, ghosts, creepy creatures, and spooky spirits: they’ve all been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a young girl, I was enthralled by TV shows like Night Gallery, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Twilight Zone, and Creature Features. I read every horror book I could get my hands on—the scarier the better!
I started writing short horror stories to entertain myself when I was about ten years old, and I continued writing off and on for years. I briefly entertained thoughts of being published, but never acted on it until later in life. Now I’m working with two publishers as well as self-publishing.
My work includes the novels A Jar of Fingers, The Witch War of Fiddlehead Creek, Seven Deadly Ghosts, The Curious Case of the Tuscan Plague Doctor, and Mr. Goddard’s Menagerie, and the short horror story collections Cobwebs,  A Half-Dozen Horrors, and Waterlogged. My short stories have also been featured in the anthologies Dead Harvest, Deathmongers: Where the Light Dies, and Happy Little Horrors.
My only regret so far is that I didn’t get serious about my writing sooner!
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Putting a messy divorce behind her, antiques dealer Zolena Gillette moves her shop from Las Vegas to the peace and quiet of a small town on the outskirts of Reno. After purchasing a blind-box of antiques at an estate auction, Zolena discovers she has acquired a valuable piece of dark history: an authentic plague doctor’s mask from 17th century Italy.
While searching to find a buyer for the macabre artifact, however, she quickly discovers that the mask is haunted by the tormented spirit of a medieval plague doctor. The terrifying specter forces Zolena and her shop assistant, Jake Della Russo, to relive his final days in plague-ridden Tuscany through the ruby-red eyes of his mask. Worst of all, no matter how hard they try to get rid of it, the haunted mask always seems to find its way back to the shop—and anyone who gets in the way ends up dead.
Can Zolena and Jake figure out what the plague doctor wants and put an end to the ghastly visions and mysterious deaths, once and for all?


Zuri LaCrosse is a special young lady. In fact, she might even be considered … collectible?
Although she is infected with the werewolf virus, she tries to live a normal life until she meets a strange old man named Goddard on a dusty desert highway. He lures her into his house where she is held captive. Goddard promises her a new and better life, but can he tame her feral ways and transform her from a scruffy country werewolf into an elegant young lady? And who—or what—is making those strange and terrifying noises in the locked room upstairs? Zuri must either find a way to escape captivity, or give up her freedom to become a cherished and pampered pet in Mr. Goddard’s Menagerie!



A mummified hand seeks revenge. A harmless witch gets pushed a little too far. The Grim Reaper falls victim to a prank. This is the kind of ghoulish fun you’ll find in Cobwebs, volume one of C. L. Hernandez’s Horror Story Six-Packs! Six ghoulishly crafted stories to keep you awake long into the night! Try one a day, or be a glutton for punishment, and devour them all at once!





From the twisted imagination of C. L. Hernandez comes Horror Story Six-Packs, volume two! Discover gargoyles and a goddess, insects and arachnids, witches and wizards! A Half-Dozen Horrors brings you six weird, wild tales that will make you shiver, cringe, and gag! A supernatural sampler for hard core horror fans.





Zombies are usually land creatures. They shuffle along, groaning, chowing down on brains, and staying relatively dry. But what if they could swim? What if, just suppose, the combination of extreme pollution and radioactive waste somehow brought the dead back to life?
In Waterlogged: Six Tales of the Aquatic Undead, quirky horror author C. L. Hernandez introduces you to a whole new breed of zombies. They splash, they swim, they dogpaddle and dive, and they don’t need to come up for air!



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