Hans Olsson

I’m an author from Sweden with seven published novels so far.

I started my writing career with a fantasy trilogy called The Elemental Stones (Elementstenarna). Since then I’ve also written two horror short story collections, a poker thriller and a Science fiction thriller.

The Elemental Stones (Elementstenarna):
Sökandet efter elementstenarna (The search for the Elemental Stones) – 2010
Bronstornet Garba (The Bronze tower Garba) – 2011
Stenväktarnas arv (The Stone Guards heritage) – 2013

Short story collections:
Vad är din hemlighet? (What is your secret?) – 2010
Främling. Inkräktare (Stranger. Intruder) – 2014

King’s Hope (Swedish) – 2016
Museion – 2017

I’ve finally managed to translate my novel King’s Hope from Swedish to English.
How would you play poker, if your life depended on it?

Right now I have a competition of sorts going. If you read my novel and let me know if you find improvements, you have a chance to name one out of four characters in a completely new bonus chapter, exclusive for the English version.

For a limited period of time, until 1:st of July 2018, you can read the novel for free at: kingshope.net or buy if you prefer Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D9Q8LR2/
If you want to support me, buy it from Amazon and write a small review!

The plot:
The big drought in Portugal had unforseen consequenses worldwide. Revolutionary reforms were introduced, globally and locally, which changed the world.

From the dust arose casino King’s Hope. The annual poker tournament is held at the casino and attracts participants from all over the world. Promises of wealth are offered to the ones who enter the contest. The rules in the tournament are simple. Texas hold’em no limit is played during ten poker rounds. But the tournament in King’s Hope is dangerous and the smallest mistake could be fatal. The fast elimination pace forces the 10.000 participants to make extremely hard decisions. Should they go all-in with the cards they have, or wait and hope for a better hand?

Peter Norrqvist participates for personal reasons. In the world outside the casino you are easily forgotten. If he manages to make it to the final, this could change. He could be immortal.
How would you play, if your life depended on it?

The following has been said about the novel:
“With skillful hands and aces up his sleeve the author Hans Olsson takes the reader into the abyss. King’s Hope is an innovative and well written horror thriller where you’ll sit on needles the whole time. It’s The Hunger Games for the poker generation.” Jonny Berg, Swedish Zombie

“I’ve played poker on a lot of different places in the world, from Las Vegas to Macao, and witnessed bets that people can only dream about. But the thriller King’s Hope takes the poker to a whole new level – it’s a game of life and death.” Simon “Dybban” Lindell, poker chronicler

“King’s Hope is one of the most different descriptions of poker that I’ve read under my carrier as a professional poker writer. Even the most successful characters in the novel plays and talks poker in a way that no normal poker player does today, but on the other hand there’s nothing normal in playing poker where your life is at stakes each and every hand. Hans Olsson manages to make me want to read just a bit more, and I guess that’s the only thing that matters?” Erik “Valterego” Rosenberg, editor-in-chief Poker.se

I wish you all an exciting read!

Best regards