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Mark Laporta (marklaporta! is a New York-based science fiction writer.

Against the Glare of Darkness
Probability Shadow, the first novel in my new series, “Against the Glare of Darkness,” leads you into a new universe, where a critical mineral shortage pits imperious humans against every major political power. As their battles rage, the Quishiks re-emerge, an ancient evil with unprecedented control over timand space — which foretells the end of all sentient life.

To stop this onslaught, Ambassador Ungent Draaf of Grashard must forge an unlikely alliance of misfits from across the galaxy’s entire political spectrum — a force of humans, symbiotes, mutants, androids and the ghostly remnants of a vanished civilization — and unite them in one seemingly impossible goal: to drive the conquering Quishiks back to their Launchesmultidimensional prison and restore order to the galaxy.

In a universe dominated by great powers on the verge of collapse, and as the mistakes of the past become the legacy of the future, one question remains: will sentient life ever rise above the specter of evil?

Launches October 1, 2018. Available for pre-order at Amazon or your local bookstore.

The Changing Hearts of Ixdahan Daherek
My Young Adult trilogy, “The Changing Hearts of Ixdahan Daherek,” is a mix of sci-fi action, humor, social satire and a quiet love story. The trilogy consists of:

• Heart of Earth
• Heart of Mystery
• Mirror at the Heart of Time 

The series traces the journey of a teenage alien, Ixdahan Daherek, from arrogance to compassion. In Book 1, he sells state secrets to a dangerous enemy and receives the worst punishment in the universe: Live on Earth as a Human Teenager. Published by Chickadee Prince Books

Series Summary
From the moment the arrogant son of a Snaldrialooran aristocrat is exiled to Earth, he begins a journey that takes him to the boundaries of the settled universe and the limits of consciousness.

Having seen the consequences of his crime visited on innocent humans, Ixdahan’s heart swells with empathy for the first time. With the help of an unlikely band of friends, he stops the brutal invasion of Earth by Vrukaari warlords. Yet his only reward is a new life sentence that sends him deeper into the heart of danger.
Months later, on Vrukaar Prime, Ixdahan uncovers a plan to dominate the universe with an unspeakable weapon. Rallying old friends and new allies, he still only defeats the Vrukaari with a startling act of bravery, appearing to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Rescued at the last minute by an unseen force, Ixdahan resolves to wander the universe alone, until an old friend persuades him to join the fight against a society dominated by dangerous fanatics. Weakened by temptation and guilt, Ixdahan nearly fails — until the power of love pulls him back from the brink of despair. With the latest evil routed, Ixdahan departs on a spirit quest, seeking to balance the conflicting sides of his nature with the wisdom of the ages.
Throughout his struggles, Ixdahan’s heart turns on Lena Gabrilowicz, the Earth girl who befriended him during his exile — and the only person in eight galaxies who’s ever known what planet he’s on.

Available now at Amazon or your local bookstore.

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Critical Highlights:

Heart of Earth
“An alien criminal exiled to Earth with dire – and hilarious – consequences. An irresistible blend of wonky science and heartfelt storytelling. Holding it all together is Laporta’s spot-on portrayal of life as a teen. [A] fabulous read!” — Kirkus Reviews

“This fun YA sci-fi novel – with well-rounded characters, interesting premise, and lighthearted dialogue – will delight readers of every age. The sci-fi aspects are entertaining and fun, and the character growth will keep the attention of those who don’t typically read the genre.”
— Paige Van De Winkle, Foreword Reviews

Heart of Mystery
“The second volume in Laporta’s YA series about a young alien defending Earth from galactic conquerors…. [A]n expanding space opera, which proves to be a feast of intriguing concepts. Newcomers to the genre and adult fans of classic sci-fi novels, such as David Brin’s Startide Rising (1984), will love hearing whales talk and adventuring in a galaxy where humanoids are rare. Once again, Laporta opts for a dire, high-stakes finale, maximizing the emotional thrust of his narrative. An engrossing YA sci-fi sequel, in which ideas share the stage with the cast.” — Kirkus Reviews

Mirror at the Heart of Time
“It contains teen drama, political intrigue, and neat sci-fi stuff with space-time and the multiverse. It’s light-hearted and sweet, and contains an optimism that many SF writers forget about or are not interested in. … This collection contains all three of the books in the series, which is great for readers who misplace books easily. You don’t have to keep track of all three, they’re right here! So convenient.”
— Joe Crowe, Revolution Science Fiction

The Trilogy
“[A]n excellent read … if you enjoy world building and inventive science fiction that shows the wonders of the universe[.] … Elements will appeal to adults and younger readers alike, and the characters within the pages will stay with you after the last pages are turned.”
— Jodi Scaife, Fanbase Press 

 “Both the writing, the narrative part, and [the] dialogue are really perfectly done … It is really a wonderful, wonderful read …very, very beautifully written. Readers must be sorry that it’s a trilogy because it’s really, really good … not just for teenagers. Everyone can relate to this story.”
— Patzi Gil, host of the syndicated radio program “Joy on Paper”

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