David L. Felts

Greetings fellow fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror!

I’m a former writer of short stories (and one novel) who’s work is available through Amazon. Some of my stories have been previously published and you might recognize them. Other are brand new and have never been seen anywhere.

“Troder” was a winner in the Writers of the Future contest way back in 1997; the story appeared in volume 13 of the series.

“Dead Bird” was the 1999 Chiaroscuro Story Contest Winner.

Other stories of mine have appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Vampire Dan’s Story Emporium, Neverworlds Online, Flesh and Blood, and the anthologies Sages & Swords, Lords of Swords, and A High Shrill Thump: War Stories.

msf_titleBack in the late 90s I edited and published Maelstrom SF, a semi-professional speculative fiction magazine. I put out 8 issues over 2 years. You can even find some of the back issues floating around Amazon!

I also run this site, SFReader.com, one of the Internet’s oldest speculative fiction (and more!) book review sites. SFReader has been online since 2001. I publish fiction features and run an annual SFReader Short Story Contest.

My Stories on Amazon


Ronald has to power to take the life energy from others — their Heartfire — a power he has used too long in service of one he calls Mother, but who is not who or what she pretends to be.

They are running, but from what and for so long that Ronald has no memory of a time before.

What happens when the past finally catches up to them? When Ronald is finally able to decide his own fate?

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The Rain King

Who knows the power of kings and wizards in their grief, or the depth of their madness?

Stay away….

Thus is Miri warned when she tells of seeing the Rain King down by the banks of the great river. Yet Miri has a question only the Rain King — or his ghost — can answer: Is there a sun?

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