Gustavo Bondoni


Gustavo’s debut novel, Siege, an SF tale of galactic survival, was launched in December, 2016. You can have a look at it here.  His latest novel is Ice Station: Death, a creature feature about mayhem on an Argentine Antarctic base.


Gustavo is an Argentine writer with 170 stories published in fourteen countries, in seven languages, and is a winner in the National Space Society’s “Return to Luna” Contest and the Marooned Award for Flash Fiction (2008). His fiction has appeared in the Texas STAAR English Test cycle, The Rose & Thorn, Albedo One, The Best of Every Day Fiction and many others.

Branch cover    Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places    Virtuoso and Other Stories     The Curse of El Bastardo
Gustavo’s also wrote a well-received ebook novella entitled Branch which was released in March 2014. He has also published two reprint collections, Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places (2010) and Virtuoso and Other Stories (2011). The Curse of El Bastardo (2010) is a short fantasy novel. His website is at , or you can have a look at his books on his Amazon page.


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