Dragon Weather, by Lawrence Watt-Evans

dragon-weather-by-lawrence-watt-evans coverGenre: Fantasy
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Published: 1999
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Book Review by Aaron M. Renn

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Watt-Evans frequently posts on a newsgroup I read, so when I saw that he had a new release out, I figured I’d buy it even though I was unfamiliar with his work. That’s the easy part of ass kissing. The hard part is writing a review and posting it to said newsgroup (and elsewhere) where he’ll see it. But I’m either brave or foolish (take your pick), so here it is.

Arlian is a young boy in a backwoods town whose life is upended when dragons swoop in and destroy his village, killing everyone but him. Almost immediately thereafter a band of looters shows up and sells our friend Arlian into slavery. After seven years of working in an iron mine, Arlian escapes and swears vengeance on those who mistreated him. Lots of adventure and mayhem ensue.

Despite its length, the book is a quick and entertaining read. I got the impression that it was written to appeal to a younger audience. Mostly the book is an action/adventure story with a few elements of mystery and romance thrown in. The question of “What is justice?” is explored as the main philosophical point, but not at any serious level of depth.

This was far more entertaining than I would have expected from the story line and writing style. Perhaps that’s because light adventure stories appeal to me. I don’t know. After the more serious On Blue’s Waters by Gene Wolfe that I just finished, this sort of fun novel was exactly what I needed. Definitely worth picking up.

Warning: Obligatory sequels sure to follow, though this book stands alone and finishes with a nice bang.

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