The Halfling’s Court, by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

The Halfling's Court, by Danielle Ackley-McPhail book coverGenre:  Urban Fantasy
Publisher:  eSpec Books
Published: 2017
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Reviewer:  David L. Felts

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To condense the official blurb: In The Halfling’s Court, by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Lance Cosain is the halfling (as in half-human, half-elf, not the Middle Earth kind) leader of The Wild Hunt motorcycle club (MC). He and his crew are the target of the high king of the fae, Dair na Scath. All Lance wants to do is settle down with his lady Suzanne, but fate has other plans and Lance finds himself embroiled in a battle against the high king over an ancient dagger and a claim to the throne.

A self-described Sons of Anarchy meet Lord of the Rings, The Hlafling’s Court is a fun take on the urban fantasy genre. Ackley-McPhail does a great job building the characters and the world. It’;s our world, right down to rumbling Harley’s and black leather, but imbued with a magic that permeates every aspect.

The characters well drawn, each with their own personality and motivation, enough so that there are threads of other stories about them dangling, perhaps ready for a future pull, which is my attempt at a poetic way of saying that she leaves the reader wanting more.

Magic is integrated in a convincing and natural way. The use of magic was well-played. One of the main conflicts is Lance Cosain dealing with his own nature, that of being half-human and half-fae, learning about himself and his abilities and destiny while at the same time battling the high king. While Lance knows he’s a halfling, his true origins remain a mystery.

He’s also the leader of the motorcycle club, and owes an allegiance to their welfare that at times supersedes his allegiance to himself. He’s being pulled in many directions, and Ackley-McPhail presents these conflicts admirably.

The story is accompanied by some fun illustrations that add to the story.

A fun and engaging read for anyone’s who’s a fan of urban fantasy, and maybe even the book to try if you have yet to give the sub-genre a chance.

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