Of Sand and Malice Made (Song of Shattered Sands), by Bradley P. Beaulieu

Of Sand and Malice Made (Song of Shattered Sands), by Bradley P. Beaulieu book coverGenre: Fantasy
Publisher:  DAW
Published: 2016
Reviewer Rating: three stars
Reviewer:  Joshua Palmatier

This is a novella featuring the characters from Bradley P. Beaulieu’s “Shattered Sands” series.

Premise:  Ceda is a pit fighter who catches the eye of an ehrekh, an evil creature created ages ago by the god of chaos. She attempts to escape, but this only makes her more interesting in the ehrekh’s eyes. The more Ceda resists, the more the ehrekh wants her.  How can Ceda escape the clutches of a creature that’s part god?

This is really a story in three parts, each part a short story in an of itself, all connected.

Overall, the story is good, the best part probably the last. Ceda is a great character and the world where people sail the sands like we sail the ocean is spectacular.

The weakest part in this story is the middle part. Not because it isn’t a complete short on its own, but it didn’t have the depth that the other two parts had; it read a little more perfunctory than the other parts. I felt the characterizations were best in the first and last parts, especially of the ehrekh.

But still, an enjoyable addition to the novels in the this series.

Joshua Palmatier/Benjamin Tate

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