Tyrant Moon, by Elaine Corvidae

tyrant-moon-by-elaine-corvidae coverGenre: Fantasy
Publisher: NovelBooks
Published: 2002
Reviewer Rating: four and a half stars
Book Review by Sarah Guidry

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When I first sat down with my copy of Tyrant Moon by Elaine Corvidae, the novel did not spark much enthusiasm for me. I read the back cover, which touted the book as a “late Bronze Age” tale, and being otherwise unfamiliar with Corvidae’s work, I was unimpressed.

I started reading the book, and my lack of enthusiasm carried on for about three pages. Then, as the characters were introduced, I became slightly interested. Thirty pages in, I was starting to fall in love with both of the main characters, and stayed up all night, just to find out what would happen to them.

Tyrant Moon is an adventure fantasy that includes romance, moral dilemma, the rise and fall of powerful individuals, and lots of witty conversation and fast action. Overall, the story is captivating. But what makes it captivating is the characters.

Thraxis, once the most powerful mage of his kind, is now under a curse that is slowly killing him, eating him up from the inside. Any use of his power speeds the curse, taking valuable days from his already shortened life span.

Arrow was the Champion of her clan, a woman-warrior who had struggled to gain the respect of her people. However, in gaining the respect she thought she wanted, she became something dishonorable, something she wanted desperately to change. So when the rogue mage Balthazar plunges her people into a dark time of bloodshed and death, she takes it upon herself to bring back help.

After traveling for many months, Arrow reaches the stronghold of the Athraskani wizards and is sent away with Thraxis, a most unlikely companion, to help her defeat Balthazar. As the unlikely team travels through the Empire and ultimately faces Balthazar, they undergo a series of gut-wrenching struggles with each other and with themselves.

These are not the overnight heroes that much adventure fantasy suffers from. These are real people, faced with extraordinarily hard situations and decisions from which magic cannot always save them.

Tyrant Moon is a fantasy novel with action, depth, and characters that will live on in one’s memory. Having finished the book in one night, I am now eager to read the sequel, Heretic Sun, to find out what happens to the unlikely pair next.

I would recommend Tyrant Moon to anyone who enjoys good adventure fantasy, especially those who enjoy a bit of depth with their action.

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